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Following the Breadcrumbs III - Stor e Telling September October 2002

Hansel and Gretel
Willy Planck, 1812
I am traveling back in time and updating all of my Stor e Telling columns for Storytelling Magazine since 2002 I have checked all of the links, updated those that have new URL's and deleted others that have found their way to the Internet graveyard. Through the summer and beyond I will continue to update the columns and post them on my blog until all of the breadcrumbs lead to the end of 2006. At the end of the blog you will find links to the columns from 2007 – 2013.

I continue to write for Storytelling Magazine but will not be adding current columns until the following year. If you want immediate access to the newest websites, consider becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network. Please feel free to comment on the blog and let me know if you find this useful. 

Family Folklore: How to Collect Your Own Family Folklore
Every family needs a Tradition Bearer so why not you? Produced to accompany the exhibition, The Grand Generation, Memory, Mastery’, and Legacy, this guide will lead you through the process of discovering and recording your own family traditions and folklore.

Folklore and Mythology
By far one of the most comprehensive sites on folklore and mythology from around the world.  The tales are numerous and grouped alphabetically by genre. There is also another link to Germanic folklore. This is a jewel of a site, one you will visit again and again.

Kashmiri Folktales
Step into the magical world of Kashmir. There are thirty folktales and information on culture, religion, customs and music which offers insight into the life and ways of the Kashmir people.

Mysterious Britain
Banshees, Black Dogs and Bessie Dunlop are but a few of the folktales and legends from England, Wales and Scotland. Visit with faeries, selkies, dragons and giants but beware, don’t stay tarry too long in one of the haunted castles. Registration is required but it is free.

Peace Corp - Student Folktales
Thankfully, the Peace Corp students have carried on the oral tradition. While serving in countries such as China, Ethiopia, Togo, Papua New Guinea they listened, learned and recorded these unique stories. * This site is no longer active but I was able to find it through the Wayback Machine. The story links still work.

Pitara for Kids ~ India
Many fables from the Panchatantra and Aesop, Jataka stories and tales from India's tribal peoples.

Russian TalesMany delightful tales from Russia and the Ukraine and details on Russian traditions from Christmas to weddings.

Zica` Hot`a Tales and Legends
Enjoy the many pour quoi and coyote tales as well as legends from various nations. Compiled by Ojilaka ZicaHot', from the Mohawk tribe. * This site is no longer active but I was able to find it through the Wayback Machine. The story links still work.


If you missed the beginning of this new series the links are below:

January/February 2002 - Folktales, myths, legends and pourquoi stories from around the world and a few other sites to whet your appetite.

May/June 2002 - American Life Histories from the WPA Project, Mayan and Philippine folktale's, public domain tales dating back to the 1880's, seasonal stories of forests, frogs, moons and maidens, solar folklore and more.

July August 2002 - Trickster tales, Kenyan folktales, flower fables and participation stories to put some fun in your summer storytelling. 

Below are the previous blog posts offering additional columns from 2007-2013.

Stor e Telling Columns 2007-2012 
All 31 blog posts, along with a brief synopsis for each one, in an easy to access post at the link below. 

Stor e Telling Columns 2013
From 1001 Night to 2001 Story Resources – This link will lead to you one blog post with all of my columns from 2013.

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