Saturday, April 21, 2012

Every Day Should Be Earth Day!

The Moon Maiden of Green Willow
by Warwick Goble, 1920

"The languages of the world are the songs of the earth."
                                - Anonymous

Earth Day is April 22 and Arbor Day is April 27.  What better way to celebrate than sharing stories about our beautiful planet?


The Circle of Life and the Clambake - A lovely story from the Wampanoag culture that encompasses the circle of life and caring for the earth.

Earth Cakes, Sky Cakes – Folktale from Cambodia

Earth Care – World Folktales to Talk About -
A limited preview of this excellent book by Margaret Read MacDonald. You can read some of the folktales online but I bet you will want a copy of your own.

When The Earth and Sky Were Married - Folktale from India


Field Trip Earth - A global resource for teachers, students and wildlife proponents offering folktales, educator resources, essays and information on conservation projects around the world.

Planet - This is a colorful, fun and information filled website on all things Earth: Lesson plans and activities for both teachers and parents, the history behind Earth Day, coloring pages, puzzles, clip art and so much more.

The History Behind Earth Day


Cutlery Wind Chimes - The summer cookout season is over. Here’s a clever craft to recycle all of the leftover plastic utensils.
Brown Paper Kites - For grades K – 6.

Milk Carton Pen Pot - For grades 2 an up.
Puzzle Piece Picture Frame - For grades K– 2

Earth Day Crafts - Dig around; there are plenty of crafts here to help you celebrate.
Earth Day Litterbug - Using recycled items help your students make their Earth Day litterbug.


For stories, curriculum and crafts related to Arbor Day, head over to this post from 2010.

A Poem as Lovely As A Tree – Celebrating Arbor Day!
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