Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're Moving!

"Wendy…was just slightly disappointed when he admitted he came to the nursery window. "You see, I don't know any stories, none of the lost boys know any stories." "How perfectly awful," Wendy said".
- From Peter Pan by Sir James Matthew Barrie

If you have been a subscriber to  my storytelling/teaching newsletter this is new information you will need if you would like to continue receiving it. If you would like to receive it, hop on board!

Beginning with the March 2010 issue I will be moving my bi-monthly newsletter from Vertical Response to Feedburner. If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter when it changes over you will need to resubscribe. It's fast and easy. Go to  and

1. Follow the instructions in the subscription box in the lower left hand corner.

2. Double and triple check your email address before clicking the subscription box. If you type it incorrectly you will not receive the newsletter.

3. Final Step - Make sure you click on the link in the confirmation email that will be sent to you. If you fail to finish the final step you will not receive the newsletter.*

4. “White list” my email address

*Previously, on Vertical Response I could see if someone had not completed the confirmation process and email them a reminder. This will not be possible with Feedburner so please make sure you confirm your subscription. I would hate for you to miss out on the stories and fun!

After you subscribe, whenever I upload a new issue, you will automatically receive an email notification and a link that will take you directly to the newsletter. Feedburner will allow me to correct any errors and update links that become broken. As an extra bonus, you may always access previous newsletters at , which also has a Google search bar. Looking for a site you read a while ago but can’t remember in what issue it appeared? You can use the Google bar to narrow down your choices by typing in a keyword.

The March 2010 newsletter will be the first one sent using Feedburner so there is time for you to switch over but why not do it now while it is fresh in your mind? Again, just go to  and type your information in the box at the lower left and follow the instructions. It will only take a few seconds. Again, please make sure to click the link in the confirmation email that will be sent to you after you subscribe.

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at . Thank you again for being part of “Catch the Storybug!”

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