Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks, Folktales and Fun!

Fourth of July in Centre Square Philadelphia
John Lewis Krimmel, 1812 
The Fourth of July celebrates Independence Day in the United States and we will be celebrating with fireworks and cookouts galore. July 14 is is also Bastille Day in France so I offer some stories to celebrate the beautiful countries of France and the U.S.A.


American Folklore - Celebrate America’s birthday and take an armchair journey with folktales, myths, legends, Tall Tales and ghost stories from the 50 United States. Tales are clearly indexed so you won’t even need to ask for directions.

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed - What could be more American than Johnny Appleseed? This site offers interesting background information on the real man, including his obituary from March 22, 1845.

Nine Facts That Tell the True Story of Johnny Appleseed

Perrault’s Fairy Tales - Eight of his best known fairy tales.

The Fairy Tales of Marie - Catherine d´Aulony
Marie-Catherine lived in France during the time of Charles Perrault but her tales were shared in a more conversational style and usually featured a female protagonist. Many of her works were collected by Andrew Lang in his Fairy Books. 

The Enormous Nose

Quackling – French folktale adapted by Aaron Shepard

Fairy Tales From All Nations –In my continuing search for French folktales I found this public domain book containing the French tale, Prince Chaffinch and so much more. 


Some fun games and activities to add some spark to your patriotic festivities.


And for some extra fun, a word search and maze to celebrate our countries anniversary.


Word Search


Girl Scouts R Fun Song Page – What would the official opening of summer be without some music to share! Openings/closings, hiking/camping, traditional, echo songs and more; songs for all occasions. All you need to keep everyone in tune!

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