Monday, March 28, 2011

Speak Up, Speak Out - massmouth semi-finals

Lady Clare by
Elizabeth Siddal, 1857

'I'm a beggar born,' she said,
'I will speak out, for I dare not lie.
Pull off, pull off the brooch of gold And fling the diamond necklace by.'

'Nay now, my child,' said Alice the nurse,
'But keep the secret all ye can.'
She said, 'Not so; but I will know
If there be any faith in man."

From Lady Clare by Lord Alfred Tenneson

Because you have a life, you have a story! Massmouth’s tagline is the perfect appetizer to entice even the shyest to step on the stage and tell their tale. The venues are packed with people of all ages and storytelling experience, eager for listeners to hear a moment from their lives. These slams are not just about entertainment; they are personal connections in a world filled with technological devices that keep us a keyboards length away from making eye contact.

On Thursday, April 14th, the winners from these slams will each tell their stories - live, no notes, props, or music or at the Coolidge Corner Cinema in Brookline, MA, starting at 7:00 PM. I will share the stage with a dairy farmer, a retired kindergarten teacher, a NPR radio producer, a marketing manager, a full time theater student, writers and a few professional storytellers.

Semi-finals of massmouth’s Greater Boston Story slam series…20 stories, 20 storytellers from all walks of life - in a benefit performance for massmouth’s StoriesLive®, the first, high school scholarship storytelling project at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline Massachusetts.

It will be an exciting evening, filled with laughter, poignancy, and camaraderie. The chance to tell in the semi-finals of this prestigious event is reward enough but I would be thrilled to move on to the finals. And of course, what storyteller wouldn’t want to win the BIG MOUTHOFF!

For tickets go to: . Profits from ticket sales will go toward the scholarship fund for Stories Live®, massmouth’s initiative which is supported, in part, by a grant and other funding. To learn more about the 2nd season of massmouth story slams go to their blog at 

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