Sunday, April 10, 2011

Northlands Storytelling Conference - Party Till the Cows Come Home!

Did you receive your income tax refund before the impending government shut down? Don't know how to spend it? Well here's a fabulous idea! Make your way to Wisconsin this month for a weekend filled with workshops to help you bring your performance and business to the next level.

I have attended the Northlands Storytelling Conference since 2000 and it is one of the best ways to connect with your colleagues, network, learn new skills, hear amazing stories, make new friends, AND be pampered at the beautiful Grand Geneva Resort and Spa.

I can't wait to fly in and share the fun with my Midwest friends! I will present a new workshop on Saturday, Enhance Your Online Presence: Blog It Baby! as well as participating in a panel discussion with two award-winning storytellers, Linda Gorham of IL and Elizabeth Ellis of Texas. The topic will be Selling Stories, Not Snake Oil.

Elizabeth will be sharing her vast and valuable expertise on the business of storytelling, Linda on business ethics related to our work, and I will share ideas on how to use social networking carefully and creatively. Linda and I will also be in the Saturday night concert and Elizabeth will grace the stage for the Friday night concert. There will be a story slam and amazing fringes on both nights as well.

Whether you are an experienced storyteller or beginner, a librarian looking to spice up your programs, or an educator who wants to reinvigorate their curriculum, this is the place to be! Stop by the Northlands Storytelling Conference website to learn about the workshops and extra activities offered this year. We'll party till the cows come home! Join us, you won't regret a moooooment!


Carolyn Stearns Storyteller-Announcer said...

sounds like my theme !! have a great time someday when I'm not committed elsewhere I will get there!

TheNote said...

You are so terrific. I always feel like I got a peek at the cool stuff - because you share with us.
Many Thanks!

Karen Chace said...

You would love it Carolyn. One day, if you ever slow down a wee bit, :) it would be grand to see you there.


Karen Chace said...


Your comments always make me smile. Thank you for taking the time; you are appreciated!


Simon Brooks said...

Wow another event I want to go to!
I will go. I am there in 2012. I hope.
And Karen gets another great job!
I say vote Karen as the next President after Obama finishes his second term! You know she will get all the info and do something GOOD with it!

Karen Chace said...


You are a hoot! I do hope you make Northlands in 2012, you won't regret it. I promise to be your personal conference guide, not that you will need it, everyone is SO friendly and helpful.

As for the job of President, you couldn't pay me all the money Madoff has stolen to take position!

I will happily gather information another way. :)


Robin said...

You convinced me to go to this, and I am glad you dd. This year, I am teaching a workshop AND doing a Fringe.

The midwest is full of wonderful storytellers, and I can't wait to meet them all!

Thanks Karen, yet again!