Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unlock the Possibilities - Enhance Your Online Presence: Blog It Baby!

My thanks to everyone who attended my workshop presentation, Enhance Your Online Presence - Blog it Baby! at the Northlands Storytelling Conference. I know there were other wonderful workshops you could have chosen and I appreciate and value your time. The links below provide additional information to help you take your blogging experience and storytelling business to the next level! 
For those of you who did not attend the conference and workshop, the links are here for your use as well.


Pictures will make your blog more interested and help it to stand out from the others. If you find an image you want to use and it isn’t in the public domain, contact the artist and ask. You will be surprised how many are generous with their permission. Make sure you link back to their site as a “thank you” and as a professional courtesy.

Digital Gallery: New York Public Library
Clipart History -
Dated Images -
Google Images -
Karen’s Whimsy -
Library of Congress American Memory - (Check copyright information for separate items)
U.S. History Images -


It never hurts to read what professionals have to share. When have some time stop by and learn their tips and tricks.

How to Add an RSS Feed to Your Blog

How to Start a Professional Blog: 10 Tips for New Bloggers

How to Write Searchable Keyword Phrases in a Blog Post

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tips

What is the Ideal Post Frequency for a Blog?
While this article is from 2008 it still offers interesting information. Take the advice with a grain of salt and the realization that the writer is a professional blogger. What is the correct frequency for him might be far too much for you. Remember, sometimes less is more.

When’s the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts? and


Tagxedo – A word cloud tool that can also be used to create various shapes. The key shaped word cloud at the top of this page was made using Tagxedo.

Wordle – Another word cloud tool. I used it on my blog post about the tool when I first stumbled on it. I simply added my blog URL and you can see the word cloud it created here using words from my blog posts here”  You may also use Wordle by keying in the words you choose.

Happy blogging!

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A voice (and GREAT FAN)of yours from the past...please acknowledge this comment AND INCLUDE YOUJR PHONE NUMBER...I am now living in Florida and a lot of catching up to do with you.
Love Ya...

Karen Chace said...

Hi Bernie,

How lovely to hear from you! I just emailed you from my old account but you may also reach me at I will send my phone number as well off list.

So grand to hear your (cyber) voice!