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Bibliographies on the Web - Folktales, Fairytales, Myths and More

Légende Dorée, Armand Point, c. 1899
Books, books and more books! They are the tools of our trade and we never seem to have enough. I know my shelves are bursting but in the words of the old folktale, there is always room for one more. My car should sport a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake for book sales!"

Whether you are a storyteller, librarian or educator, and the time comes to put together a new program or lesson plan,  it is always helpful to have bibliographies at our fingertips. Here are a few to help you scratch the research itch!

A Bibliography of Feminist Folktales

A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians, for K-2

Annotated Bibliography of Jewish Story Collections - An extensive PDF file of resources compiled by Penninah Schram.

Annotated Bibliography of Trolls

Applit - Resources for Readers and Teachers of Appalachian Literature for Children and Young Adults

CanTeach - Folktales/Mythology Bibliography of books from various cultures.

The Center for Children’s BookStorytelling Resources – Birds, monsters, fools and more!

Children’s Literature Bibliography

Digital Storytelling Bibliography

Environmental Education Resources Library -  “To assist Wisconsin teachers in integrating environmental education into their classroom curricula…The bibliographies contain teaching activity guides, videos, books for youth, and reference materials. All materials included in the bibliographies can be found at the Resources Library.”

FEAST – Folklore, Education and Storytelling for TeachersFamily lore, children’s games, folktale collections and more.

Folk and Fairy Tales for Storytelling - Animal, environmental, Pourquoi, trickster tales and more.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Hmong Folktales and Folklore complied by Mark E. Pfeifer, PHD – You will not only find references to folktales but also to legends, music, myth and song.

Jewish Storytelling Coalition – Selected and annotated bibliography of current Jewish story collections.

Sisters Choice ~ Active Heroines in Folktales - An index of books with annotations on strong women in folktales; a perfect place to start if you are developing a program around this theme.

Storytelling BibliographyStory collections, flannel boards, puppetry, etc.

Western Washington University – Bibliography Folk and Fairy Tales – From Africa to Southeast Asia, a wealth of resources from around the world. - You will find an additional list of annotated bibliographies on my Teacher’s Page at .

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I can't wait to dig into these bibliographies....I would love it to be a cold winter evening and no reason to go out and just sit and check them all out or at least some of them.