Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward! Stories of Sleep and Light

Sleeping Beauty by
Edmund Dulac

“Spring forward, fall back.” That is the mantra we learned as young children to remember when we turn our clocks ahead, and then back as the darkness of winter sets upon us.

Although we lost an hour of sleep today, turning our clocks ahead is our delightful teaser that spring is just around the corner. As the days move forward we will continue to enjoy more hours of light in the coming months. What will you do with your extra time in the sun?

Here are some stories of light from around the world.


The Abode of the Gods: Time and the King of the Elements - Slavic

The Blue Light – Germany

The Buried Moon - England

Light Makes Prosperity - India

Crow Brings Daylight – Native American – Inuit

The Origin of Light – Native American

Raven Steals the Light – Native American

And of course, some stories to help you regain that lost hour of sleep!

The Dragon After His Winter Sleep - China
The Dreaming Tree - Brazil
Sleeping Beauty - France
Sleepy John – Czechoslovakian


Go To Sleep Gecko by Margaret Read MacDonald

CRAFTS – Cute crafts for the young ones.

Enchanted Learning – Time and calendar activities.


 Animated Tales of the World – Lesson plan for Raven Steals Daylight

National Geographic – Get the Facts on daylight savings time!

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