Monday, April 30, 2012

Birds, Bees and Butterflies!

Beauty in the Garden
by Edmund Dulac, 1910
Since it is spring, at least that is what the calendar says, if not the weather, I thought I would share some of the cute fingerplays and songs from my lapsit program. Of course I have also added some folktales, crafts and lesson plans. I hope you find something fun to add some warmth to your day!


Five Little Bees
One little bee blew and flew.
He met a friend, and that made two.

Two little bees, busy as could be
Along came another and that made three.

Three little bees, wanted one more,
Found one soon and that made four.

Four little bees, going to the hive.
Spied their little brother, and that made five.

Five little bees working every hour--
Buzz away, bees, and find another flower.

Five Little Birds
Five little birds without any home,
(raise 5 fingers of right hand)
Five little trees in a row.
(raise right hand high over head)
Come and build your nests in our branches tall
(cup left hand for nest-right fingers in)
We'll rock you to and fro.
(then rock both hands)


Insect Song (Sung to "The Wheels on the Bus")
The firefly at night goes blink blink blink
Blink blink blink blink blink blink
The firefly at night goes blink blink blink
All around the town

The bees in the flowers go buzz buzz buzz....
The ants in the grass go march march march...
The crickets in the leaves go chirp chirp chirp...
The caterpillar in the field goes creep creep creep....


Little Butterfly (sung to I'm A Little Teapot)
I'm a little butterfly
I have wings
I fly around
And see all things.
When I see a flower
That looks great
I call out to all my mates!
To all of my mates.
Butterfly, Butterfly (To the tune of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)
Butterfly butterfly turn around,
Butterfly butterfly touch the ground,
Butterfly butterfly fly way up high,
Butterfly butterfly fly fly fly
Butterfly butterfly turn around
Butterfly butterfly float back down.


Bird Stories from Around the World - Fifteen stories collected for my website.
Bunnyyarl the Flies and Wurrunnunnah the Bees - Australian

The Cricket’s Song - Guatemalan Folktale

How Butterflies Came to Be - Philippines
How the King of Birds Was Chosen: and other Mayan folk tales
The Bear and the Bees - Ukraine

The Language of the Birds - Russia

The Princess Lily – China
The Wings of the Butterfly - Brazil


Butterfly and Caterpillar Crafts Many adorable crafts to choose from.
Easy Bird Feeder
Bug Jars - Children will learn to look at the details of bugs and plants as they learn about symmetry and asymmetry. This is a craft and lesson plan all in one!

Ladybug Rocks - Of course, my favorite!


For the Birds – Science lesson plan on the characteristics of birds for K – 2.

Pro Teacher Directory:Birds – a list of a number of teacher tested lesson plans

Honey Bees and Cultural Attitudes - Grades: 4-6 Essential Skills: Literature, Language Arts, Social Studies Students explore how honey bees are portrayed in art and literature. It also offers a comprehensive and age appropriate bibliography at the end.


Monarch Butterfly Puzzle – See how fast you can put the butterfly together. – Visit the Kid’s Garden on my website for some fun with the ladybugs!

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