Thursday, September 6, 2012

Down on the Farm - Animal Stories

Frolic Farms
N. Parker, 1910
The third week in September is National Farm Animals Awareness Week. With that in mind I corralled a few folktales for you to harvest,as well as crafts, curriculum and songs.

I have also included a link to one of my previous newsletters about Cow Appreciation Day and Yellow Pig Day. Who knew?


Cow’s Head – Ukrainian

The Dog and the Pig – India

The Goose Maid – England

The Magic Horse – Iran

The Owl Never Sleeps at Night – African America

The Talking Goat – Africa

The White Rooster – Tibet

Visit my newsletter from 2011 with stories and more to celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day and Yellow Pig Day.


Crayons, Crafts and Coloring Oh My! This is one of my blog posts from 2010, which is compilation of all of the crafts sites I’ve highlighted from 2008-2010. Everything is categorized and of course, there are additional animal crafts there as well. There are dozens of categories for the wide variety of special days and themes throughout the year. – Coloring pages, crafts, lesson plans to help you celebrate the week.

Education World – Some wonderful resources here about farm animals to use in the classroom.

Songs for Teaching – Animal songs for young children.

Relive those childhood days with this cute video of farm animals and the song, _Old MacDonald Had a Farm_ from Laurie Berkner’s CD.

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Carolyn Stearns said...

This blog just right for me! Love all the connections and Yellow Pig day....OK Of course everyday is animal appreciation day at my house.


Carolyn Stearns said...

Just right for me, thanks! Love all the connections and yellow Pig Day.....OK who knew! Everyday is animal appreciation day around my house! Mothermoo

Jai Joshi said...

I love animal stories! Thanks for the links!


Karen Chace said...

Thanks Jai and Carolyn, always lovely to hear what you think and if the stories are useful.