Monday, March 24, 2014

Unlock the Possibilities: Enhance Your Online Presence!

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While preparing for a conference presentation, Enhance Your Online Presence, I sent a questionnaire to a large number of storytelling colleagues. I asked, “What is preventing you from writing a blog?” These are the top three answers I received:

1. No time

Indeed, blogging can be time consuming but that also depends on the subject and your writing style. Because most of my posts require
research, I spend approximately four to six hours on each subject, but I have also written and published a post within an hour. The choice is up to you.

The marketing hat is the most difficult one to wear but it is a necessary evil. Experts now say that potential customers must see your information at least 12 times before they remember you. If you are serious about engaging and maintaining a dialog with your clients and colleagues, a blog remains the strongest and most ideal platform.

2. Fear of the technology

You have all the time you need to design your template, choose the font, your color palette, decide what layout to use, you can even write your first blog post. Nothing will be visible to anyone until you hit the publish button. You are in control!

3. Nothing worthwhile to say

After I recovered from the shock of storytellers believing they had nothing to say, I comprised a short list of blog topics:

  • Share personal or professional experience
  • Turn a press release into a blog article
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Conduct an interview
  • Provide tutorials
  • Publish a list of links on a topic
  • Offer a list of ideas or trends

There are hundreds of ideas waiting to be selected.

“Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets
you apart as an expert in your field.”   -
Penelope Trunk

Blogs will:

  • sharpen your writing skills
  • build community
  • set you apart from the competition
  • demonstrate commitment and passion for your work
  • create your unique niche
  • allow you to share your knowledge and expertise
  • establish and manage your online reputation
  • increase your search engine rankings

My readers come from all over the world: Russia, Malaysia, Greece, South Korea, Thailand, Slovenia, Australia, England, Italy, Poland, China, Ireland, Taiwan, and the Netherlands, to name just a few. It is remarkable to realize the vast audiences we can reach through social media. However, this didn’t happen overnight. It took time, persistence and offering practical information so my readers will return again and again.

 “A blog is in many ways, a continuing conversation.” – Andrew Sullivan

I have forged some wonderful relationships and alliances through my blog, most notably with Bill Lampton, president of Championship Communications. He has featured me on his business blog, interviewed me on his radio show and included my work in his honor roll of Pinnacle Seekers . I've been invited to write for other publications, both nationally and internationally, in fact, this post is based on an article I wrote for a UK Storytelling Magazine. You never know where one connection will take you or how it will enhance your reputation, and work.

Would you like to take your business to the next level in a fun and accessible environment?  I invite you to spend time with me this Saturday, March 29, in my workshop, Enhance Your Online Presence: Blog It Baby! at the LANES Northeast Storytelling Conference in Amherst, MA. Then stay for Sunday’s workshop, Branding: It Doesn’t Have to Hurt! with me and my co-presenter, the knowledgeable Simon Brooks. Not only do we will give you the immediate tools to get your started, there will be additional offerings to take home to continue the process. Plus, we have chocolate! Details on the entire conference can be found at .

By blogging and branding wisely you have the ability to take your business to the next level. I am a firm believer in the mantra “A rising tide floats all boats.” Why not begin to chart your own course this weekend by spending spend time with us!

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Kristin, aka, Bubble Hug Fairy said...

Thank you Karen. Wishing you much success at LANES this weekend. Blogging and Branding don't have to hurt :) You share so much and it is deeply appreciated. HUG! And yes, you never know with whom you may connect. Small world it is! :)

Karen Chace said...

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and comment Kriten. With your international travels and programs you are someone to be emulated and admired. You make the most of your connections every day. I appreciate you!


Michael Williams said...

You're absolutely right Karen. I was a doubter at one time but no more. I'm over 60 and it's easier than I thought. Love your blog too and appreciate all you do for the storytelling community.


Karen Chace said...

Thank you Michael; I appreciate your kind words. Thank you also for adding your encouragement to those who may be a bit leery of expanding their social media skills. It is easier than most people think.


Simon Brooks said...

Love that key~!

Karen Chace said...

Thanks Simon. I made it using tagxedo. It is a fun tool.


Bill Lampton, Ph.D. said...

As always, delighted to be included in your blog. Thanks, and certainly I feel grateful that the Internet helped us create a professional bond and an enriching friendship. Here's my radio interview with you, which I'm sure your followers will want to hear:

Karen Chace said...

I am the one who is truly thankful to you, and for you, Bill. You have offered me so many wonderful opportunities to share my work. You are truly a bright light in the business community and beyond.


David said...

Thanks Karen,

I haven't written many blogs lately. Reading you, I'm reminded that there are lots of ways to share, and good reasons too. Thanks for your fresh can-do attitude! Time to go back to the blogs.
All the best, David