Thursday, March 26, 2020

Arm Chair Entertainment: From Aquariums to Zoos!

Arm Chair
We are all in various degrees of isolation around the world so I have put together some resources to help you and your family travel together. Whether it be within the pages of a book, virtual trips to museums, zoos, aquariums, gardens, or national parks, no passport is required.

At the end of this blog you will also find a link to another blog that offers educational resources, including live stream classes, games and more. Have fun and when you have time, tell me what your favorite trip turned out to be. Until we can meet and greet each other in person again, stay well, healthy, and take care of each other!

25 Sources for Free Public Domain Books

45 Places You Can Download Tens of Thousands of Books, Plays and Other Literary Texts

Public Domain FolktalesFrom my personal blog, hundreds of public domain books to download or read online for free. You will find folktales, fairytales, myths and legends from around the world. This link is number seven in my series, at the end of this blog you will find links to six more blog post with additional resources.

JSTOR – Open data base of over 6,000 eBooks and over 150 journals now accessible without the need for an online login. now to all of their resources.


10 Mental Health Tips Health Tips for Coronavirus Social Distancing

Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain to Be Happy

How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health


Center for Puppetry

Cleveland Inner City Ballet: Free Virtual Online Ballet Instruction

Free Music Concerts to Watch at Home

London theater: Stream Shakespeare Plays Recorded at the Globe Theatre

PBS – Film, theater and music you can watch online.

NPR Virtual Concerts to Watch

Virtual Concerts and More

Virtual Plays, Concerts, Plays and Museums and Other Cultures You Can Enjoy at Home



Note: Some of the virtual tour links will offer resources that have already been mentioned.

19 Immersive Museum Exhibits You Can Visit from Your Couch

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections

20 Virtual Field Trips You Can Take with Your Kids

Boston Children’s Museum

Louvre Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Palace of Versailles

Smithsonian Natural Museum of History

Virtual Museum Tours in Vancouver


Canadian Farm and Food Tours

Willow Crest Farms


Five Virtual Gardens You Can Tour Virtual


Virtual Tours of US National Parks

Wildlife and Animal Livecams


Disneyland: Take Your Kids on a Virtual Ride


Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden – Life Safaris via their Facebook page.

The Georgia Aquarium

Kansas City Zoo 24 Hour Live Stream of Penguins

Live Stream Videos from Monterey Bay Aquarium

New England Aquarium

Stay Sane During Your Quarantine with These Animal Livestreams

Zoos and Aquariums Livestreaming


45 Places You Can Download Tens of Thousands of Books, Plays and Other Literary Texts

Art Contests, Art Games, Museums, Digital Art, Digital Art, Art at Home
Leave it to a teacher, Mrs. Velazquez to create this fabulous Google Doc with a wide variety of resources.

At Home Resources for Kids (and their grownups)So much here in this online toolkit. Make sure to check it out, it is full of ideas on a variety of topics.

Virtual Field Trips and Classes for Educational Fun at Home

Chatter Pack: A list of free, online boredom busting resources
  • Virtual Tours
  • Online Learning
  • Geography and Nature
  • Music, Arts and Culture
  • Literature Online
  • Home Learning
  • Miscellaneous Entertainment
  • Anxiety
  • Mental Health
  • Prayer Resources
  • Speech, Language, and Communication


Learn how to use Zoom in five minutes via this YouTube video.

How to Set Up Zoom for Parents and Students


Amazon Makes All Kids Shows Free to Streams

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