Saturday, September 24, 2011

Playing with Puppets - Celebrating Jim Henson

Statue of Jim Henson at Maryland University
Today Google celebrates the 75th birthday of Jim Henson. They have created a special Google logo so we can all be puppeteers if only for a few moments. Go to Google today and click on the logo to make the puppets respond to your commands.

In reading about Jim Henson today I discovered that he loved dogs. Coincidentally, I wrote a blog post last week, in honor of Adopt a Dog Month in October. This link will lead you to that blog post.

And of course, we all know that Kermit the Frog is one of the best known puppets created by Jim. Here is a blog post from 2010, which of course is all about frogs.

So here’s to Jim Henson and all of the wonderful moments he added to our lives!


The Four Puppets – Burma

Legends and Lore – Scripts to bring The Three Little Pigs, Iktomi and the Kettles and others come alive.

Officer of Heaven – An easy finger puppet play from Western China.

Puppets for Librarians – Storyteller Granny Sue and librarian Nancy Whetstone have joined forces to create this useful puppetry blog. Stories, crafts and more.


Southeast Kansas Library Systems – Puppet and Fingerplays bibliography.


Alligator Arm Puppet – Easy craft with template.

Paper Cone Finger Puppets – Five easy animal puppets to complement the play, Officer of Heaven above in the Stories and Scripts section . Templates provided.

DLTK-KIDS.COM– A wide variety of paper bag puppets to suit many themes.

Sock Puppet


Chinese Lesson Plan – Shadow Puppets

Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Tall Tales and Puppets! Grade 3-5


Legends and Lore – Puppet Manipulation 

Puppet Productions – Basic Techniques of Puppetry Manipulation. Techniques to help you make your puppet come alive!

Tips for Puppeteers YouTube Videos - Paul Lewis from Puppets and offers a series of tutorials to help you learn to master the art.

Tips for Using Puppets With Young Children – Storyteller Priscilla Howe shares her successful techniques.

MORE RESOURCES - Puppets and Puppetry – A number of resources I have collected over the years can be found on my website. * There are a few dead links, which will be removed shortly and the new URL for Puppets with a purpose is . That will be updated shortly as well, as soon as my amazing webmaster has time.

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Maggid said...

once again - you have inspired me - thank you, thank you, thank you!
love & love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviving youthful inspiration and reminding me of a legend (one of my brushes with greatness)!

Mike SP

Karen Chace said...


Did you meet Jim Henson?


Karen Chace said...


You are always so kind. I treasure your comments.