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A Rose By Any Other Name...Celebrating Red Rose Day

It Was the Time of Roses
"But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.” -  Anne Brontë

June 12 Red Rose Day so below is a bit of history and some stories to share. You will also find stories from England, Romania, Italy, Portugal and other countries, easy crafts to share with the children, and curriculum to make your classrooms bloom with delight!


  • Roses are a symbol of love, beauty, war and politics.
  • According to fossil evidence, roses are 35 million years old.
  • There are 150 species of roses throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Cultivation of roses began in China 5000 years ago.
  • During the Roman period roses were grown extensively in the Middle East.
  • Nero dumped tons of rose petals on his dinner guests.
  • Cleopatra had her living quarters filled with the petals of roses so that when Marc Antony met her, he would long remember her every time he smelt a rose.
  • Rose hips have been found in Europe and petrified rose wreaths have been unearthed from ancient Egyptian tombs.
  • The first known paintings of a rose are actually frescoes. The earliest example was discovered in Crete around 1600 B.C.
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The Blue Rose – China

The Daughter of the Rose – Romania

The Elf of the Rose – Hans Christian Andersen

Legend of the Cherokee Rose – Native American 

The Legend of the Christmas Rose - Italy

The Maiden with the Rose on Her Forehead - Portugal

The Nightingale and the Rose – Oscar Wilde

The Rose - Grimm

The Rose Beauty – Turkey

The Rose Tree – England

The Snail and the Rose Tree – Hans Christian Andersen

The Three Roses – Czechoslovakia


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Rose Tissue Paper Flowers


Teacher’s Guide – Lessons plans, printouts, white board activities, coloring books and more. Your classroom will be blooming in no time at all!


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