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Stor e Telling: January February 2002

Strawberries in the Snow
Arthur Rackham, 1812
Little Brother and Little Sister and other Tales
by the Brothers Grimm

“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around.”  - Terry Pratchett (from Witches Abroad)
I have written the Stor e Telling column for Storytelling Magazine since 2002 and recently updated and shared all of the columns from 2007 – 2013 on my blog. (See links at end of this post) I began with 2007 since all of the previous columns from 2002 – 2006 were on my website under the Publications tab. However, as we all know, Internet links change with lightning speed so it is time to do a bit of spring cleaning!

Today I begin traveling back in time to sweep out the cobwebs from those first six years. I have checked all of the links, updated those that have new URL's and deleted others that have found their way to the Internet graveyard. Through the summer and beyond I will continue to update the columns and post them on my blog until all of the breadcrumbs lead to the end of 2006.

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I continue to write for Storytelling Magazine but will not be adding current columns until the following year. If you want immediate access to the newest websites, consider becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network.Please feel free to comment on the blog and let me know if you find this useful.


Mythic Crossroads: Myths and Legends
A wide variety of links including Aesop’s fables, Myths of Gods and Goddesses, Arthurian Legends, including Egyptian, Greek Norse and many book sources.
Myths and Legends
These links are organized by region and language group from around the world. From Burmese to Vietnamese, the Caribbean to Oceania. It also offers essays, dictionaries, archives and encyclopedias.

Mything Links'
An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Traditions. Fairies and dragons, creation stories and star lore, there is more information here than you could ever hope to digest.

"A site dedicated to making your search for myths, legends, folklore, and religions both past and present easier and more enjoyable. From stories of the Greek Gods and the mysterious religion of the Celts, this site tries to give a fair and unbiased listing of sites." There is also information on proverbs, blessings, holidays, festivals, centaurs, birds, mermaids, fairies and much more. http://www.mythsearch.com/index.html

Tell Me a Story
A terrific site with very unique stories from around the world, adapted by Amy Friedman and Jillian Gilliand. They have been adding new folktales since 1997 and also sell artwork to complement the stories.

The Encyclopedia of Hotcâk (Winnebago) Mythology
The most comprehensive site I have found on Native American folktales. "The encyclopædic account of Hotcâk mythology, legend, and folklore is the outgrowth of a project begun many years ago under the auspices of Prof. John Ingham of the University of Minnesota Anthropology Department." The site is currently maintained and updated regularly by Mr. Richard Dieterle. There is an extensive index of stories by subject matter, myths, maps, and legends.

Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth
An extensive list of Native American tales from various tribes that "represent large themes of human existence: where we came from, how we should live, reconciliation to the tragedies of life. There are smaller stories: teaching, humorous, answering "Why?" questions about natural phenomena and behavior."

Just So Stories
Complete texts of twelve pour quoi stories written by Rudyard Kipling and published in 1902.

The Electronic Text Center - University of Virginia Library
Browse by culture: English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Apache, Greek, Hebrew, Tibetan, Icelandic, Italian and Portuguese. You will never run out of stories to read. "Holdings include approximately 51,000 on- and off-line humanities texts in twelve languages; with more than 350,000 related images (book illustrations, covers, manuscripts, newspaper pages, page images of Special Collections books, museum objects, etc.)"

Stories to Tell to Children: Fifty-One Stories With Some Suggestions for Telling
This is the electronic text of Sara Cone Bryant's book, offered through the University of Virginia Library website. The book, while published in 1915, still offers some wonderful advice for beginning tellers. Stories are categorized for appropriate age groups up to fifth grade.

Tales of the Punjab: Told by the People
"Would you like to know how these stories are told? Come with me, and you shall see. There! take my hand and do not be afraid, for Prince Hassan's carpet is beneath your feet. So now!–'Hey presto! Abracadabra!' Here we are in a Punjabi village." And so it begins...a wonderful collection of Eastern Indian tales with notes to the stories.

Zen Stories
Over fifty stories in the Zen tradition. "This web site is a collection of stories from the Orient, mostly Zen and Taoist tales. Think of these tales as conversation pieces, as handy tools that you can lift out of your pocket to help you and others talk, think, and laugh about the wondrous and mysterious details of this thing we call life."

Book Outlet
And for the bibliophile in all of us, a bargain book site. These are new books, not used, at 50% - 90% off the list price. There is a search engine to help you find books either by category, title, author, publisher or ISBN number. Their service is efficient and fast. You may not always find exactly the book that you need but I guarantee you will find many that you want. http://www.bookcloseouts.com/bc/home.asp

And if you missed the previous blog posts offering additional columns from 2007-2013 visit the links below. But beware, there are so many wonderful sites you might feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole and find it difficult to find your way out of the virtual, story-filled world!

Stor e Telling Columns 2007-2012
All 31 blog posts, along with a brief synopsis for each one, in an easy to access post at the link below.

Stor e Telling Columns 2013

January/February/March 2013
Sites to celebrate the New Year, tales of love to celebrate Valentine’s Day and others that celebrate the winter season.

April/May 2013
Pack your bags for a story filled trip around the globe to complement the Storytelling World issue.

June/July 2013
Below are the sites I offered for the April/May 2013 issue. There are sites to complement the state of Virginia, location for the National Storytelling Conference in 2013, as well as sites to celebrate Thread the Needle Day, Adopt a Cat Month, Canada Day, Cow Appreciation and Yellow Pig Day, and two previous blogs to help you slide into summer! So much to celebrate and so little time!

August/September 2013
The theme for this issue was Fairy Tales so you will find some wonderful articles and stories to complement the theme.

October/November/December 2013
October is apple picking time in the USA so there is a basketful of apple tales and of course, resources for Halloween. In addition, November is National Novel Writing Month so there are sites with information to help you travel the publishing road, along with stories to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope you find something to add to your repertoire.

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