Friday, February 5, 2016

Family Fun! Fingerplays, Songs, Crafts and More

Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe de la Famille Soler
by Pablo Picasso, 1903
The snow if falling here in Massachusetts and many schools were cancelled today. Families may be snowed in a bit this weekend so here are a few fun things to do together.


There Are Five Families

There are five families in the bed (hold up five fingers)And the little one said, “Roll Over! Roll Over!” (roll hands over each together)So they all rolled out.And one fell out. (one hand rolls to one side) Repeat with four, three, two, and oneThere were no families in the bed (hold up fist)And the little one said,“Good night!” (lay head on hands and close eyes)

Grandma’s Glasses
These are Grandma’s glasses, (fingers make glasses around eyes)And this is Grandma’s hat, (hands make hat on head)And this is the way she folds her hands,(fold hands)

And lays them in her lap. (hands on lap)These are Grandpa’s glasses, (make huge glasses with hands)

And this is Grandpa’s hat, (huge hat above head)And this is the way he folds his arms, (large gestures to fold arms)

And lays them on his lap.(lay folded arms down) 

Going to Bed

This little child is going to bed. (point to self)
Down on the pillow he lays his head. (rest head on hands)
He wraps himself in covers tight. (wrap arms around body)
And this is the way he sleeps all night. (close eyes, rest head on hands)
Morning comes, he opens his eyes (raise head, eyes wide open)
Off with a toss the covers fly. (fling arms wide)
Soon he is up, dressed, and away.
He’s ready to play all day. (clap hands)


Families, Families Families Everywhere

Families, families families everywhere! (point in different directions)
Families, families climbing stairs. (make climbing motion)
Families, families giving stares (hands to eyes as if looking through glasses)
Families washing hairs. (hair washing motions)
Families, families everywhere!
Families up! (up on tip toe)
Families down! (bend knees and stoop down)
Families, families all around! (turn around once slowly)
Families, families sit back down!

The Family On Parade

Clap your hands (clap hands)
Stamp your feet (stamp feet)
The family is coming done the street. (march in place)
Rum, pum pum (motion beating a drum) A great big drum.
Root-a-toot-toot (hands to mouth blowing a horn)
Bang! Bang! Bang! (Clap hands together)
Clap your hands! (Clap hands)
Stamp your feet! (Stamp feet)
The family is coming down the street!


We’re On Our Way to Grandpa’s Farm


We're on our way, we're on our way.
On our way to Grandpa's farm.
We're on our way, we're on our way.
On our way to Grandpa's farm.

Down on Grandpa's farm there is a big brown cow…x2
The cow, she makes a sound like this: "Mooooooo”…x2


Down on Grandpa's farm there is a little yellow duck…x2
The duck, she makes a sound like this: "Quack Quack."…x2


Down on Grandpa's farm there is a little pink pig… x2
The pig she makes a sound like this: "Oink, Oink”…x2


Down on Grandpa's farm there is a black and white skunk...x2
The skunk, he often smells like this “pee ewww”…x2



DIY Fun Ideas – Family Hand Prints

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