Friday, February 1, 2008

The Gentle Nudge of a Friend

Welcome all and Happy February!

Here in New England the night is unseasonable warm and thunder shakes the night after a cold start and a day of rain. The day has also been filled with some discussion about blogging, so thanks to the gentle nudge of my friend and colleague, Granny Sue Holstein I have decided to add blogger to my resume.

I am sure days and even weeks may go by when I will be hard pressed to share anything of consequence. However, Granny Sue assures me that there are those who will be interested to know about our world, my work, and the ancient art of Oral Tradition.

So here I go, jumping in with both feet, as I have done most of my life, sometimes without even looking. I hope there will be moments when you find my comments useful, thoughtful or amusing, and maybe, if the stars are aligned just right, a combination of all three.

Karen Chace
Professional Storyteller