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Stor e Telling Fall 2018: Storytelling and Empathy

Young Man with a Candle
Michel Gobin, 1685
Empathy is an important part of our humanity. Below are some links to complement this issues theme and explore how it relates to our storytelling work and life.

The first three links “… explore how stories serve important functions in our day-to-day life, a reality that social justice advocates can harness for awareness raising and motivating public action…this series will illuminate the “why” behind the human love of stories.”

Wired for Empathy: Why We Can’t Resist Good Narrative
Part One focuses “on the brain’s response to stories, and why stories are so prevalent in all human societies from an evolutionary perspective.”

Wired for Empathy: How and Why Stories Cultivate Emotions
Part Two “takes this foundation and connects it to empathy development and what this means for crafting effective advocacy stories, with an emphasis on homelessness.”

Empathy, Neurochemistry, and the Dramatic Arc
Part Three discusses “how to use stories to reach challenging audiences, with an analysis of how affluence and power impacts empathy.

How We Can Develop Empathy Through StorytellingWhen a personal story is being shared we unconsciously create an emotional connection with the storyteller and empathize with their experience… and therefore, helps us develop empathy towards people that were once strangers.” This article also includes a link to a powerful Tedx talk on the subject of Empathy to Combat Social Violence.
In the United States pumpkins dot the landscape in gardens and on front porches. Below are a few pumpkin tales to help you celebrate the lovely autumn season.

The Great Pumpkin – Taino Indian/Puerto Rico

Grinding Stone to the Rescue - India

The Legend of Stingy Jack - Ireland

The Magic Pumpkins – Ukraine

The Pumpkin in the Jar – Philippines

It’s Harvest Time! Apple and Pumpkin Fun for the Wee Ones – I’ve shared this before but thought it would  be worthwhile to share once more. Fingerplays, songs and more to make your lapsit program shine.

December 7 is the Feast of Saint Ambrose, patron saint of candle makers. Here are some folktales to add some light to a dark winter night.

The Candles of Life: The Story of a Child for Whom Death Stood Godmother Czechoslovakia

Chanukah Candles in Chelm – Poland
The link leads to a pdf file chock full of Chelm tales. You will find this story on page 58.

The Iron Man - Germany

I Know What I Know - Denmark

The Rose Tree - England

The Twist Mouth Family


Stor e Telling Spring 2018: Storytelling World
Seven public domain resources filled with stories from Holland, Breffny, South Africa, Scotland and more. Keep reading for stories to celebrate the national holiday in Turkmenistan known as A Drop of Water Is a Grain of Gold, to celebrate our precious resource, water.

Stor e Telling Spring 2018: Storytelling World
The theme was Storytelling World so you will find tales from many cultures. There are also legends to savor on Tea for Two Tuesday on March 21, Noodlehead tales to tickle your funny for International Moment of Laughter Day on April 14, and folktales for Bat Appreciation Day on April 17.

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Stor e Telling Columns: 2007 to 2012 with Synopses

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