Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Celebrate Old Farmer's Day!

The Potato Harvest
Jean Francois Millet,  1814 –1875

Tomorrow, October 12 is ‘Old Farmer’s Day’ so why not plant some new tales in your repertoire!


The Crows in the Corn – United States

The Farmer and the Badger - Japan

The Farmer’s Present - India

The Farmer and His Three Sons

The Farmer and the Money Lender – India

The Farmer and the Serpent – India

The Farmer’s Son Becomes a Hunter – West Africa

The Farmer’s Wife of Deloraine – Scotland

The Little Farmer - Germany

The Tortoise, the Dog and the Farmer - Africa

What the Old Man Does Is Always Right – Denmark


Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Site – A number of lovely children’s book selection on the subject of farms.


DLTK-Kids – A barnyard of fun; horses, lambs, ducks, donkeys and more.


Mice are always around the farm so why not let them add to the fun. If you need some fun songs, fingerplays, and stories about our little friends, head on over to this blog post I wrote to celebrate Race Your Mouse Day.

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