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Stor e Telling: October November December 2013

All the Newspapers in the World
by Edmund Dulac, 1911
Last year I undertook the project of placing all of my 2007-2012 Stor e Telling columns, from Storytelling Magazine on my blog. Now that 2014 is here I will begin to share all of my columns from 2013. I will not be adding current columns until the following year, so if you want immediate access to the newest websites, please consider becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network. 

Below are the sites I offer for the October/November/December 2013 issue. October is apple picking time in the USA so there is a basketful of apple tales and of course, resources for Halloween. In addition, November is National Novel Writing Month so there are sites with information to help you travel the publishing road, along with stories to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope you find something to add to your repertoire.

Building Your Book for Kindle – This is a free Kindle download from  You may view the table of contents at the link.

How to Publish Short Stories – Seven steps to start you on the road to adding 'author' to your resume. 

How to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook – “You have everything you need to start sharing your message today—fingers, keyboard, and the Internet.” Writer and blogger and Jeff Goins’ breaks it down in five easy sections.

How to Write a Non-fiction Book Proposal –This article shares information on book outlines, specifications, author information and more to help you get it right the first time.

Independent Publishers and University Presses – From A – Z a list of book publishers, mainly from the U.S. and Canada.

Online Book Publishing – A 2013 chart comparing 10 of the best online book publishing companies and their services.

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Book Publishing by Robin Michal Koontz, SCBWI Regional Advisor.

In some parts of the United States autumn means its apple picking time. I offer you some stories to complement the season.

The Apples of the Hesperides - A Greek Myth. The eleventh tale from the Twelve Labors of Hercules.

A Boy and His Donkey - Hispanic Southwest 

The Apple of Contentment by Howard Pyle

The Enchanted Apple Tree - France
Another version of this story is "Tia Miseria's Pear Tree," a story from Puerto Rico.

The Griffin – Germany

The Twelve Months – Russia

The Glass Mountain – Polish

The Golden Apples and the Nine Pea Hens – Serbia - Information and story suggestions from the fabulous Jackie Baldwin.

The Tale of the Three Apples from the Arabian Nights

The Laughing Apple and the Weeping AppleTurkey

Halloween is here! Some tales to fright and delight your audiences.

Can Such Things Be? Short, spine tingling tales, published in 1910, to add to your storytelling repertoires from 1910. - Jackie Baldwin stirs up a witches' brew of stories ideas. Check out the Halloween Bare Bones book, the perfect addition to your library!

Don’t forget to bring some Halloween fun into the classroom!

Halloween  Games for the Classroom - “A collection of fun and educational Halloween games that build math and language skills for grades K-5.

Three multicultural tales to celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

The Circle of Life and the Clambake  A Native American  story from the Wampanoag culture that encompasses the spirit of thanksgiving, the circle of life and caring for the earth.

The Magic of Muskil Gusha Iran

The Scarecrow’s Thanksgiving – Canada

A plethora of all things Christmas piled high under the tree.

World of Christmas
Twenty-two tales and information on Christmas symbols and superstitions.

The link below will take you to all of the Stor e Telling blog posts, with synopses, from my 2007-2012 columns for the national Storytelling Magazine.

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