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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Stor e Telling April May 2010

Tortoise and the Hare
from Childhood Favorites
and Fairy Tales
I have penned the Stor E Telling column since January of 2002 and the articles from 2002-2006 are the publications page of my website found here I will be adding the columns from 2007 to 2012 to that page as well. However, I am in the process of checking what link URL's have changed or are now defunct. It is a time consuming process so I am taking the “slow and steady” approach via Aesop and will post the individual columns on my blog for now.

I will not be adding current columns until the following year, so if you want immediate access to the newest websites, consider becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network.

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April/May 2010                                            

April is National Frog Month so get let’s get hopping with these tales from around the globe! - Sixteen fables and parables about frogs.

Brer Fox Catches Old Man Tarrypin – USA

Frog Kings – Fourteen folktales from around the world.

Why the Stork Eats Frogs and The Wolf Hunts Sheep - Ukrainian Folktale

How Frog Went to Heaven A Tale of Angola – retold by Aaron Shepard – A virtual pond filled with Folktales, Folklore, Fairy Tales, Legends, Myths,
History, and more.

The Two Frogs
– Japan

Additional facts and information to complement your program of frog tales or use in the classroom.

A Frog’s Life
– Lots of information to share with your audiences from the American Museum of Natural History

– Information on the mythology and folklore associated with frogs.

Jump into April, the month of fools with tales of tricks and laughter!

Native American Trickster Tales

Tales of Laughter from 1908. A collection tales from Ireland, Spain, France, Russia and other countries from around the globe. They are sure to have you smiling with delight!

April 27 is Tell a Story day so I offer you some public domain books to download for free. Expand your repertoire with a few clicks of the keys!

Folklore and LegendsEngland and Scotland by Charles J. Tibbets, 1894. 

The Laughing Prince: A Book of Jugoslav Fairy Tales and Folk Tales, by Parker Fillmore, 1921. Fourteen tales to add a smile to your day. 

Bengal Fairy Tales by F.B. Bradley-Brit, 1920 – Brahmins, jackals, riddles and more.

The Pearl Fountain and Other Fairy Tales by Bridget and Julia Kavanaugh, 1876.  Eleven fairytales from long ago.

Irish Fairy Tales by Edward Leamy, 1890.

The national Summer Reading Program theme in the USA is Make a Splash at Your Library. Here are some tales and information to help you make a splash!

The Boat That Went on Land and Water - France

The Dance for Water or Rabbits Triumph – Africa

Koobor the Koala and Water –

The Water Fairies
– Micmac Legend

Water Spirit Legends Eleven tales collected by D. L. Ashliman.

Why the Hippopotamus Lives in the Water – Africa

Water Mythology by S.M. Enzler MSc – Background information on myths and legends on water and water creatures.

Since the next magazine issue won’t be published until June, here is a site to give you a head start on the 4th of July celebration in the United States.

Myths and Legends of Our Own Land by Charles M. Skinner, 1896

And if you missed any of the previous “Slow and Steady…” blog posts here are the links to the series so far.


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