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Celebrating the Country of India

 "A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Mahatma Gandhi

Shakuntala and her friends
Raja Favi Varma, 1870

A few years ago, I decided to organize all the cultures I have been researching for the National Storytelling Magazine since 2002. I began with the country of Turkey and then life got in the way.  I am revisiting my initial goal and will do my best to stay on track this time around. The good news is that since I dropped the ball, I have amassed many more stories from countless cultures.

My hope is that this will make it easier for you to find new and unique tales to add to your repertoire, resources for your curriculum, books to complement an educational unit, crafts to sprinkle in the fun, and in the process, we will learn more about our global neighbors. I am aware that India has 28 states, each with different cultures. I encourage you to conduct further research on the specific state and/or culture behind the stories.

I would be most grateful if you would leave a comment to let me know if you find this useful. Let’s continue our journey with the country of India.


A Flowering Tree and Other Oral Tales from India
The entire book by A. K. Ramanujan is online for generations to read, relish and enjoy.

Dimdima Kids
An online children’s magazine from India with tales of Hodja, Ramen, Birbel, Jataka, Zen and mythological stories. This is one story time you won’t want to end!

Indian Fairytales by Joseph Jacobs
This complete work from 1912 is now available on line. It offers twenty-nine tales from Eastern India and gorgeous illustrations to complement each story.

Panchatantra Tales
A legendary collection of short stories from India composed in the 2nd century B.C. “The purpose behind the composition was to implant moral values and governing skills in the young sons of the king.”

Pitara for Kids 
Many fables from the Panchatantra and Aesop, Jataka stories and tales from India's tribal peoples.

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana are the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. Both are now found online, and the links are found below. This link is an abridged verse translation of the two longest epic poems in world literature. 

Stories from Indian Mythology
This site is rich with information and stories on Indian Mythology, offering Jataka Tales, stories from the Panchatantra, Krishna, Shiva and more. Further links share information on Indian terminology, a picture gallery with exquisite portraits of the Gods and a mythology quiz to test your knowledge.

Tales of the Punjab: Told by the People
"Would you like to know how these stories are told? Come with me, and you shall see. There! take my hand and do not be afraid, for Prince Hassan's carpet is beneath your feet. So now! –'Hey presto! And so, it begins...a wonderful collection of Eastern Indian tales with notes to the stories.

Tales of the Sun or Folktales from Southern India by Mrs. Howard Kingscote and Paṇḍit Naṭêsá Sástrî, 1890 – Twenty-six chapters filled with eclectic folktales.

The Talking Thrush and Other Tales of India collected by W. Crooke and retold by W.H. Drouse, 1922. The jackal, tortoise, goat, and monkey are just a few of the animals you will meet in these 43 tales from India.


And Elephants Did Fly

The Bearded Fool

The Birds and the Shivering Monkeys


The Blind Man and the Elephant

The Dog and the Pig

The Elephants Nose

The Farmer’s Present

The Farmer and the Money Lender

The Farmer and the Serpent

Fearing the Wind

The Gifts of the Grasscutter

The Golden Fish

Good Will Grow Out of Good

Great Joy the Ox

Grinding Stone to the Rescue

The King and the Drum

Learning to Act

The Lion and the Crane 

The Lion’s Share

The Lion’s Wedding

The King of Compassion

The Miserly Old Woman

The Monkey with the Tom –Tom

The Rat’s Wedding

Tenali Rama and the Brinjal

The Priest, the Tiger and the Jackal

The Son of Seven Queens

The Tale of Two Sons

Why the Fish Laughed


Best Children’s Book About India


Activity Village – Animals, bangles, coloring pages and much more.

The Crafty MoonChildren can make their own beautiful oil pastel creations, Indian textiles, Lotus flower sand paintings, Taj Mahal watercolor and more” with suggestions to add to your classroom unit.


40 Fun and Interesting Facts About India that Might Surprise You

Interesting Facts About India – The Story of India: Six units on the country of India. The lessons are designed for high school students but can be adapted for lower grades as well.


Celebrating the Country of Turkey


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