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Stor e Telling August September 2015: Workshops

The Pearl of the Elephant
Edmund Dulac, 1920

I have been remiss in continuing to share my Stor  e Telling articles from 2015. Since the conference proposal season is upon us it seems timely to post these resources from the August September 2015 issue of Storytelling Magazine.

The theme for this issue of Storytelling Magazine issue was workshops and I selected some articles, tutorials and icebreakers to help make your next workshop truly work!

If you have the time or the inclination, I would love it if you would leave a comment and let me know if this information is useful for your work. I read and respond to every comment and love hearing from you!

10 Steps To Plan a Workshop – Tips to help you design your workshop, craft an agenda, select a venue, and more.

A Workbook On Designing Successful Workshops – A forty-three page booklet with detailed instructions, including work pages, to plan and conduct a successful workshops.

Community Toolbox: Conducting a Workshop – Helpful steps and information organize and present your workshop. There are other sections that cover organizing conferences, retreats and teleconferences.

How To Run a Good Workshop – Very useful tips in a short article by bestselling author and speaker Scott Berkun.

Planning A Workshop: Organizing and Running a Successful Event

Interested in using Skype to conduct your workshops? Below are three tutorials to help you quickly climb the learning ladder.

4 Things to Help Novice Users of Virtual Meeting Tools: Making Skype Meetings Run Smoothly

Skype Tutorial – Four separate, short tutorials that will help you learn how to use Skype from beginning to end.
And if you prefer a video tutorial, follow this link.

Some sites offering icebreakers and activities to add conviviality to your workshops.

40 Icebreakers for Small Groups

100 Ways to Energize Groups: Games to Use in Workshops, Meetings and the Community

Partners for Your Empowerment: Workshop Activities/Icebreakers – A twenty-three page booklet chockfull of exercises.

September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day. Here are some stories to celebrate these gentle giants.

And Elephants Did Fly - Southern Orissa, India

The Blind Man and the Elephant - India

The Elephant and the Dog – Bhutan

The Elephant and the Mahout – Magadha/Ancient India

Elephant and Tortoise – South Africa

Fearing the Wind - India

How the Elephant Got His Tusks - Africa

The Tortoise and the Elephant - Nigeria

The Tortoise Captures the Elephant - Africa

The Elephants Nose – India – More elephant information than you can shake your trunk at!

Curriculum for the classroom to complement Elephant Appreciation Day.

The Elephant Sanctuary – Two units focusing on the study of elephants offering teaching and learning activities for children grades K-8 consisting of  72 pages of instruction, background information, charts and graphs, activities, etc.

September 7 is Labor Day in the United States. In this blog post I offer you some multicultural folktales about workers around the world to add to your repertoire. You will also find crafts, curriculum resources, and some history of the holiday.

Labor Day: A Tribute to the American Worker

Something Extra

The link below was not part of the original Storytelling Magazine article. However, since then I have written a new blog, Putting Your Proposal Pieces Together; I think it will be a useful complement to the above resources.

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