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Stor e Telling: June July 2013

Lise Sewing
Renoir, 1866
Last year I undertook the project of placing all of my 2007-2012 Stor e Telling columns, from Storytelling Magazine on my blog. Now that 2014 is here I will begin to share all of my columns from 2013. I will not be adding current columns until the following year, so if you want immediate access to the newest websites, please consider becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network. 

Below are the sites I offered for the June/July 2013 issue. There are sites to complement the state of Virginia, location for the National Storytelling Conference in 2013, as well as sites to celebrate Thread the Needle Day, Adopt a Cat Month, Canada Day, Cow Appreciation and Yellow Pig Day, and two previous blogs to help you slide into summer!So much to celebrate and so little time! I hope you find something fun to tell!

American Folklore - Folklore from Virginia; a pour quoi Tale and two ghost stories await.  – Everything you need to know about Richmond; business, transportation, maps, tours, cultural events and more.
– Read about eighty-two different activities in Richmond, including museums, theater, landmarks, etc., and how other visitors have rated them.

Virginia Historical Society - The Story of Virginia, an American Experience“This award-winning exhibition interprets 16,000 years of Virginia history from the earliest artifacts of Native Americans to Virginia at the beginning of the 21st century. This online version allows you to explore the galleries through a new virtual tour.” – Another site to help you plan your trip, including restaurants that cater to groups, discount coupons, and a free visitor’s guide.

June is National Adopt a Cat Month and these stories will have you purring in no time at all!

The Boy Who Drew Cats – Japan
The Cat’s Elopement – Japan
Cat and Mouse in Partnership - Germany
Domingo’s Cat – South America
Why Cats and Dogs Never Get Along – Haiti

You will find these seven folktales at the link below, along with a few Aesop fables.

  • How Cat’s Got Their Purr – England
  • The Master Cat, or Puss n’ Boots - France
  • The White Cat - France
  • Kissa the Cat - Denmark
  • The Lion and the Cat - England
  • The Cottager and His Cat - Iceland
  • The Clever Cat - Iran

Twelve different stories about cats from Nigeria, Palestine, Tibet and other countries around the world.

July 1 is Canada Day. Here are some tales to celebrate our friends to the north.

Canadian Fairy Tales by Cyrus Macmillan. Twenty-six folktales published in 1922.

Canadian Folklore Twenty-four stories to add to your repertoire.

Canadian Wonder Tales by Cyrus Macmillan, 1918. Find out How Summer Came to Canada, meet The Boy and His Three Helpers, The Duck with the Red Feet and many more.

Since the beaver is Canada’s national symbol I offer you some tales to celebrate our furry friend.

Native American Beaver Mythology

Turtle Races With Beaver

July 25 is Thread the Needle Day; here are some stories to help you “stitch” a story together!

Baba Yaga – Russia

Last Darning Needle – USA
The Darning Needle - England

Spindle, Shuttle and Needle – German

The Tsarevna Frog - Russia

The Wasp, the Winged Needle and the Spider - Brittany

July also brings us Cow Appreciation Day and Yellow Pig Day. Here is a blog post on Barnyard Animals from 2012, which includes stories, curriculum, songs and crafts.

Down on the Farm – Animal Stories

Two additional blog posts to help you slide into summer!

Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Slide Into Summer with Skits, Stories and Songs
The link below will take you to all of the Stor e Telling blog posts, with synopses, from my 2007-2012 columns for the national Storytelling Magazine.

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