Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet Me In Ohio for A Conference to Remember!

Please join me this month at the National Storytelling Conference in Ohio. I will present Story by Story: Building a Student Storytelling Troupe at the YES Pre-conference on June 27, 2012. I will also be part of a panel discussion, Selling Stories, NOT Snake Oil, with Elizabeth Ellis and Linda Gorham on Saturday.

Be sure to check out the many other amazing master classes with Syd LiebermanElizabeth Ellis, Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson and Diane Wolkstein along with workshops, and the  the Special Interest Groups Preconference. And the keynote speakers...oh my goodness, each and every speaker is amazing. What's not to love about Kevin Kling, Bill Harley and MaryGay Ducey?

From newcomer to  experienced tellers and teachers there is something for everyone! Along with learning to increase your storytelling skills there will be fabulous concerts, story swaps, fringe performances, and of course, time to meet new friends and reconnect with with others. Like the poster states, this will be a conference to remember!

Below is a little taste of what I will be sharing during my workshop for the YES Preconference. I hope to see you there!

Story by Story – Building a Student Storytelling Troupe
Inspire and mentor the next generation of storytellers while building rapport with teachers and administration. Using lecture, PowerPoint,
Q & A I will share information and resources on how she successfully implemented and maintains a school storytelling troupe, producing their student storytelling festival over the past ten years. I
 will offer resources on enlisting and maintaining administrative and staff support, and share successful storytelling tools and activities to guide students through story selection and the telling process.

I will describe successful student coaching techniques, including peer group and individual coaching methods. Using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences research she will discuss ways to connect storytelling with individual learning styles. 

These are the areas I will touch upon during the presentation. In addition, there will be a handout, which will include original writing activities to help your students visualize and dress the "bones" of their story, along with comprehensive bibliography and webliography.

o   Obtaining Administrative and Staff Support
o   Obtain Program Funding
o   Researching Books and Website Sources
o   Linking with the Curriculum
o   Demonstrating Story
o   Outside Support
o   Storytelling Activities/  Story Selection
o   Learning Their Stories
o   Visualization 
o   Group Coaching Methods
o   Coping with Stage Fright
o   Using a microphone
o   Individual Coaching Methods
o   Self Evaluation - Video Enhanced Coaching
o   Organizing and Providing Opportunities for Performances
o   Additional Performance Opportunities
o   Organizing the Student Storytelling Festival
o   Generating Publicity
o   Producing the Festival: Setting the Stage and Arranging the Space

P.S. The first person to wish me “Happy Birthday” at the conference on 6/27 wins a copy of my Story by Story – Building A School Storytelling Troupe book. :)