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Stor e Telling: April May 2014: Storytelling World Awards

From the folktale Phakir Chand
Folk-tales of Bengal, 1912
Illustrated by Warwick Goble

This issue focused on the Storytelling World Awards.  I offer you some public domain folktales from around the globe to complement the theme.

Ancient Tales and Folk-lore of Japan
by Richard Gordon Smith, 1918. A collection of “historical legends and folktales from Japan. Themes include ghosts; unrequited love across social boundaries; Shinto landscape, tree and ocean spirits; and tales driven by Bushido and Buddhist ethics.”

Yashpeh: International Folktale Collection
This impressive project is the brainchild of Israeli storyteller Yoel Perez; he has begun to add books, which are in the public domain, to his website. While many of the books are found on websites, such as or Project Gutenberg, he is adding something special, a searchable database. You can key in a specific word, or words, to help you find stories that match your needs, in a number of publications. This is an ongoing project so visit often!

Legends and Stories of Italy for Children - Sixteen stories from this 1909 publication, along with beautiful illustrations.

Silesian Folk Tales (the Book of Rübezahl) by James Lee and James Thomas Carey, 1915.In legends Rübezahl is a giant, gnome or mountain spirit. He is friendly with good people but if you ridicule him he will take his revenge. Sometimes he is the trickster in folktales.

Turkish Fairy Tales and Folktales – Collected by Ignacz Kunos and translated from the Hungarian by Nisbet Bain, 1901. While this book contains some of the same stories as the Turkish book above, there are a number of new tales as well.

Wonder Garden: Nature Myths and Tales from all Over the World by Frances Jennings Alcott, 1919. Here are 150 nature myths and short stories, “tales of transformations of maidens into trees and fountains, of youths into flowers, and of men into birds.” Perfect for celebrating spring!

April is National Frog Month so here are some tales to get you hopping! The Frog – Collected by Andrew Lang
The Frog and the Condor – Peru

The Frog Princess - Italian

How Frog Went to Heaven - Angola

The Kind Stepdaughter and the Frog - Germany

The Tiger and the Frog - Tibet

The Tsarevna Frog- Russia It’s Not Easy Being Green – The link will lead you to a blog post I wrote in 2010 to celebrate National Frog Month. You will find more stories, curriculum plans, and crafts.

Miscellaneous Site 

Dramatists Guild Bill of Rights – Many storytellers are also budding playwrights. This site will help you navigate the professional waters: Artistic Integrity, Royalties, Billing Credit, Intellectual Property, etc. My thanks to Linda Goodman for sharing this site.

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