Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sustaining Your Fire! The Northeast Storytelling Conference

Der Erzahler (The Storyteller)
by Georg Bergmann
(1819 – 1870, German

We are about to welcome a New Year and that means preparations for the LANES Northeast Storytelling Conference (formerly known as the Sharing the Fire Conference) are rolling along. This year the conference will be in a new location, Albany, New York, on March 16-18, 2012. The hard-working conference committee has assembled some wonderful information on things to do in Albany in case you want to come early or stay late.

Accommodations are at the Ramada Inn and there is a special rate for those attending the conference. Go to this link for all of the information to reserve your room.

Whether you are a beginning or experienced storyteller, librarian or educator, or a business owner who wants to reach their customers in a unique and personal way this conference is for you! Registration opens January 3, 2012. For a conference overviews go to

There will be workshops, story swaps, good food, great stories and wonderful camaraderie. Come and “share the fire!” Here are some stories, books and information to help you do some armchair traveling before you hit the road in March!


The Baker’s Dozen – A wonderful folktale retold by Aaron Shepard. This tale is actually set in Albany, New York.

Reader’s Theater: The Baker’s Dozen -This link will lead you to the script on the story.

American Folklore – Thirteen stories hailing for New York.

Gollywhopper’s Eggs – New England Legend

The Algonquin Legends of New England by Charles G. Leland, 1884

A Book of New England Legends and Folklore in Prose and Poetry
by Samuel Adams Drake, 1901
“…dozens of classics of New England lore that describe the times of witches and seafarers, strange nighttime occurrences and mysterious places.”

Old Paths and Legends of New England: Sauntering Over Historic Roads With Glimpses Of Picturesque Fields And Old Homesteads Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire by by Katharine Mixer Abbott, 1904. While this book doesn’t offer folktales or legends it is filled with historical information and pictures. It will be a very useful research book if you are working on a story set in the New England of long ago.


New England Folklore – Wonderful blog filled with interesting posts.


New England Bean Pot American Folk Stories to Read by Moritz Jagendorf. 

New York State Folktales – Legends and Ballads by Harold William Thompson

Miss Mary Mac All Dressed in Black: Tongue Twisters, Jump-Rope Rhymes and Other Children's Lore from New England by Scott E. Hastings

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Albany we go! Travel tips to make your time on the road or in the sky fly by! - A wonderful tool that allows you to type in two addresses and find the halfway point.

Packing Tips

Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees – This pdf chart was updated in November of 2011 but make sure to double check before you book your flight.

TSA Travel Tips – Yes, the security check portion of your trip can sometimes feel like a strip search but the more prepared you are, the faster you can put the experience behind you!

AAA Fuel Cost Calculator – Of course we all know that gasoline prices are fluid (pun intended) but this should give you an idea of your costs for your road trip.

Pack a Sense of Humor – 10 Tried and True Travel Tips– When all else fails, remember, laughter releases endorphins’ that will help relax you. And who knows, you just might get a great story from it!

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