Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Communicating Completely with Championship Communication!

The Storyteller
by Jacques-Clement Wagrez, 1890
Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed on the radio by Dr. Bill Lampton, a well-known keynote speaker, presenter, author and owner of Championship Communication, along with his talented co-host, Kristina Rhoades.  Bill is such a skilled interviewer that it felt more like a conversation and the hour flew by!

Bill is a communications specialist, offering coaching to individuals and organizations. Through our cyber friendship we have found that his work and that of professional storytellers have many things in common.

With the generous and kind permission of storyteller Dan Keding I also told the story, The Two Warriors, during the interview. It is very unusal to tell without a physical audience present so I hope I did this thought-provoking story justice. You may find the story on his CD, Promises Kept, Promises Broken and also in the book, Healing Hearts - Communities.

You may listen to the interview here:

I often highlight Bill's insightful business articles in my newsletter, Catch the Storybug, in the Business Notes section. Recently, with his permission, I added his interview with Terry Brock to my workshop handout on Social Media. There is a plethora of information here from two outstanding leaders in the business field: Leverage Technology and Build Relationships:

You may subscribe to Bill's free newsletters, and articles at I also urge you to join him on his business Facebook page at . He always has something fresh and interesting to share!