Monday, July 9, 2012

Social Media: What Are You Bringing to the Party?

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the
stories you tell."
     Seth Godin

This month I was part of a panel presentation, “Selling Stories, Not Snake Oil” with Linda Gorham and Elizabeth Ellis at the National Storytelling Network’s conference in Cincinnati. Each of us had 20 minutes to speak on a specific subject. Linda’s topic was how to conduct our business in an ethical manner. Elizabeth shared how she successfully manages the different “hats” she wears to run her business.

My piece was on social media and why we should embrace it, or at least a part of it, to move our business forward. To be successful with social media we need to take the “me” out of the equation. This is a different business model than we have been used in the past; it isn’t about our time, it is about their (our clients) time. What can you offer them to add value to their work?

John Battelle, founder and CEO of a media publishing firm states, “Social Media marketing is about brands acting, well, social, which means they need to show up to the party with a nice bottle of wine, if that's what the party calls for. They need to come ready to have a dialog, and add value to the event.”

The question for all of us is, “What are you bringing to the party?”
The resources below were part of the handout I offered to the attendees so they could begin to dip their toes in the deep waters of social media. I hope you will consider wading in as well.

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Marketing - It’s Not a Myth! – This link will take you to an article I wrote for the National Storytelling Network’s blog.

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