Saturday, February 25, 2012

Take a Leap Into Leap Year With Stories!

Maiden Song by
Emma Florence Harrison, 1910
2012 is a Leap Year and I for one am delighted to have an extra day!  We can thank Julius Caesar for the extra 24 hours. In some cultures Leap Year is also a time when a woman may turn the tables and propose to the man she wishes to marry. Here are just a few of the interesting customs around the world.

  • In the British Isles, it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only on leap years.
  • A 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from a kiss to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow.
  • Later, women looking to take advantage of their opportunity to proposal marriage were expected to wear a scarlet petticoat as fair warning.
  • In Denmark, the tradition is that women may propose on the bissextile leap day, February 24, and that refusal must be compensated with 12 pairs of gloves.
  • In Finland, the tradition is that if a man refuses a woman's proposal on leap day, he should buy her the fabric for a skirt.
  • In Greece, marriage in a leap year is considered unlucky.
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Below are some stories that will hopefully make you “leap” for joy!

Two Feasts and a Leap Day – Ukraine

The Death Leap of Tikawe – Maori

The Leap – Aesop

The Leap-Frog – Danish

Leap the Elk and Princess Tuvstarr (Cottongrass) – Sweden

And of course, if we are talking about leaping we can’t leave out our friendly frogs! Here is a blog post I wrote in April of 2010 to celebrate National Frog Month.


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Jump Rope RHYME

Leap Year, Leap Year
When will you be?
Every four years
Then you'll see.
You want more?
We do too!
How many more
can you Leap to?