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Stor e Telling: June July 2014: Storytelling in the Classroom

Little Girl in a Book
Edmund Dulac, 1910

This issue focused on this issue was Storytelling in the Classroom. 
I offer you some information to complement the theme, along with additional resources on other topics.

Once Upon a Time: Reclaiming Storytelling in Schools - An interesting article from an article about the important of storytelling in schools. “With high stakes testing and a crowded curriculum, something fundamental is being left behind in education – storytelling.”

Storytelling In Schools – A wonderful resource from Jackie Baldwin and Kate Dudding. You will find information on Quantitative Studies, Innovative Projects and articles.

Why Have Storytelling in Schools – An article by Harlynne Geisler, storyteller and author on the importance of storytelling in the classroom.

The Power of Storytelling by Nora Carr, President, National School Public Relations Association. “Storytelling is powerful. Part art, part science, it’s more than the sum of its parts. Character, conflict and resolution all form the basis of good stories.” 

uring the school year many teaching artists work with schools in a residency capacity; here are a few sites to give you a step up.

A Few Steps to a Successful Artist Residency -
An easy to follow guide to help you create and complete a successful residency. Although the information is from Minnesota, the information is applicable to other states as well.

Glossary of School Artist Residency Terms
- While specific to the New Jersey Teaching Artist Roster the terminology applies to other states as well.

Grantmakers in the Arts
– Glossary of arts and education terms.

Storytelling: The Heart and Soul of Education
“This briefing paper presents research on the importance of storytelling in human experience, and explores the relevance of storytelling as an instructional tool...”

The National Storytelling Conference is in Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona in July, 2014. Here are some sites to help you make the best of your visit.

Arizona Guide – Historic places, national parks, events calendar, etc.

Visit MesaSpecific sections for the Active Family, Foodies, Explorers, Sport Enthusiasts and Culture Seekers.
Visit Phoenix – Information on restaurants, events, arts, nightlife and more. Make sure to check out the Hot Sheet Blog. 
July 4 is Sidewalk Egg Frying Day so I offer you some ‘egg’cellent stories!

The Boiled Eggs – Danish 

The Talking Eggs – Creole/United States

Gollywhopper’s Eggs – A New England Legend

The Magic Egg – Ukraine

The Ostrich-Egg Wife - South Africa

Rumble-Mumble Goose-Egg - Norway 

Story of the Duck with the Golden Eggs - Russia

The Story of Swet-Basanta – From Folktales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day, 1912. The story of a beautiful young girl who is hatched from an egg; it is the fifth story in the book.

The Uncooked Eggs - Haiti

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