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Following the Breadcrumbs XVII: Stor e Telling March April 2005

Hans en Grietje
Richard Scholz, 1905
I am traveling back in time and updating all of my Stor e Telling columns for Storytelling Magazine since 2002 I have checked all of the links, updated those that have new URL's and deleted others that have found their way to the Internet graveyard. Through the summer and beyond I will continue to update the columns and post them on my blog until all of the breadcrumbs lead to the end of 2006. At the end of the blog you will find links to the columns from 2002 - 2004 and 2007 - 2013.

I continue to write for Storytelling Magazine but will not be adding current columns until the following year. If you want immediate access to the newest websites, consider becoming a member of the 
National Storytelling Network and support the arts!  Please feel free to comment on the blog and let me know if you find this useful. 

Buddhist Studies
Two volumes of stories plus a wealth of information based on the teachings and life of Buddha. 

Community Media WorkshopA guided press release creator tool with media strategies and techniques to help you produce a press release with pizzazz! There are a number of other resources here as well to help you shine.
Thanks to Karen Wollscheid for sharing this gem!

California Sheet Music Project A  virtual library of over 2,000 pieces of sheet music from a variety of cultures, published in California between 1852 and 1900 with related materials.

Marco Polo                                                                                                                                  Marco Polo’s journey lasted 24 years and now his name graces a site that will help teachers and storytellers travel the world. Lesson plans, resources and a calendar of important events are just a few of the illuminating offerings; a truly remarkable teaching tool.
* This resource is no longer active on the web but many of the links can still be accessed via the Wayback Machine.                                                                  

The Online Books Page                                                                                                          
Looking for a book that isn’t available at your local library? The Online Books Page offers access to thousands of books that are freely readable over the Internet. Search by title, author or keyword and you will be flipping through their cyber pages in no time at  all.

Popular Cambodian Folktales
Four folktales retold; the main site also offers information on the history, people and culture of Cambodia.

Sacred Text ArchivesOn your mark, get set, GO! Begin exploring the world through this amazing collection of texts on religion, mythology, legends, folklore, and more.

Whopper of a Tale
Are you planning on using Tall Tales in your storytelling or teaching this year? Then lasso this site, complete with lesson plans, curriculum connections, story and song suggestions, and activities. * This site is no longer active but you can still access the lesson plans via this link to the Wayback Machine.

World of Quotes                                                                                                                           Brush up your Shakespeare…Everyone needs a good quote now and then to spice up their stories or presentations. Browse by topic, author or culture.               

2002 – 2004

Stor e Telling Columns 2002 – 2004
All 16 blog bogs, with a brief synopsis for reach one in an easy to access post at the link below.


January February - Fables from Aesop and Robert Lewis Stevenson, spooky stories in time for Halloween, resources sponsored by the California Council for the Humanities, myths and legends from the British Isles and more. 

2007 - 2012

Stor e Telling Columns 2007-2012
All 31 blog posts, along with a brief synopsis for each one, in an easy to access post at the link below. 

From 1001 Night to 2001 Story Resources – This link will lead to you one blog post with all of my columns from 2013. 

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