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South Korea: Folktales, Curriculum, and More

Yolgok Buddha
Joseon Dynasty, 1684
This year the Winter Olympics take place in PyeongChang, South Korea. Below you will find tidbits about their place in the world, their stories, and some crafts and curriculum to bring the Olympics, and the people of this country to your classroom. Let’s hit the slopes!
- South Korea, or the Republic of Korea, is in East Asia. It   occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, below North Korea.

- Korea is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world.

- There are five Royal Palaces in Seoul, built by the Joseon kings who ruled for 500 years from 1392.

- Kimchi, the nation’s favourite dish, is made with fermented vegetables such as cabbage. It is served to accompany most meals and is said to help prevent bird flu.

- Korean babies are one year old on the day that they are born, then add another year on New Year’s Day.

- The Korean alphabet is called Hangul. It has 10 vowels and 14 consonants and is easy to learn for young children.

- Korean schools use robots to teach English! They have a computer screen which shows the face of a teacher, who can be sitting in another country whilst helping children to learn!

- The Korean martial art taekwondo is the national sport. Unsurprisingly Koreans have won the most Olympic gold medals.


The Devoted Daughter – Korea

The Fairy and the Woodcutter

KBS World Radio: Korean Folktales – Nineteen pages filled with stories!

Korean Folk Tales: Imps, Ghosts and Fairies by James S. Gale, 1913. Visit with Ten Thousand Devils, The Awful Little Goblin, and more mysterious creatures from Korea.

The Story Spirits

The ski resort known as Yongpyong (Dragon Valley) is home to the snow sports for the Olympic Games in 2018 so of course I must share some dragon tales!

Dragons: Mythical Mystical, Magical Creatures


15 Great Korean Folktales for Kids


Graphing the Winter Olympics Bulletin Board
Kidssoup – Pyeongchang South Korea Olympic Games Kids Activities and Game

Korean Board Game - Yut-Nori 

Olympic Paper Chain Countdown – I LOVE this idea. Perfect for home or the classroom.
Olympic Ring Bottle Cap Sorter – Great way to help toddlers with colors, sorting and sizes.
Read Write Think – Classroom Resources and Activities: Winter Olympics

Traditional Sam Taeguk Fan


26 Korean Foods Everyone Need to Try

Festival, Celebrations and Holidays

Korea’s Fairy Tale Village is a Truly Magical Place That You Have to Visit

Traditional Origami Paper Folding in Korea

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