Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dancing With the Dinosaurs!

Halloween is right around the corner and my oldest grandson (age two) picked out a dinosaur costume to wear this year. He isn’t old enough to understand the concept of trick or treat but he sure loves his costume! If you ask him what a dinosaur says he ROARS! 

To help him celebrate I found some fun fingerplays, rhymes and more to add to the fun! They are found all over the web with no attribution, so feel free to add them to your repertoire.

Here's to Halloween fun! 

Five Enormous Dinosaurs

Five enormous dinosaurs, letting out a roar,
One went away and then there were four.
Four enormous dinosaurs, munching on a tree,
One went away and then there were three.
Three enormous dinosaurs didn't know what to do,
One went away and then there were two.
Two enormous dinosaurs having lots of fun,
One went away and then there was one.
One enormous dinosaur afraid to be a hero,
He (she) went away and then there were zero.

Huge Dinosaurs

Five huge dinosaurs, looking fierce and mean
The first one said, "I eat things that are green"
The second one said, "I hatched from an egg"
The third one said "I have big, strong legs"
The fourth one said "I can fly through the air"
The fifth one said "I give everyone a scare!"
THUMP THUMP came Tyrannosaurus Rex that day,And the five huge dinosaurs all ran away!


All Around the Swamp (Tune of "The Wheels on the Bus")

The Pteranodon's wings went flap, flap, flap,
Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap, flap,
The Pteranodon's wings went flap, flap, flap,
All around the swamp.
Additional Verses:

The Tyrannosaurus Rex went grr, grr, grr,
The Triceratops' horns went poke, poke, poke,
The brontosaurus went munch, munch, munch.
The stegosaurs' tail went spike, spike, spike.
The dinosaurs went zzz, zzz, zzz,
Zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz,
The dinosaurs went zzz, zzz, zzz,
All around the swamp.

Dinosaur Hunt
Going on a dinosaur hunt. (slap thighs)
And I'm not afraid. (point to self)
There's a tall mountain. (look with hand over eyes)
Can't go under it. (move hand down)
Can't go around it. (move hand around)
Guess I'll go over it. (reach hands as if climbing) 
There's a river. (hands over eyes)
Can't go over it.
Can't go under it
Guess I'll swim across it. (move arms as if swimming)
There's some tall grass.
Can't go over it
Can't go around it
Guess I'll go through it (slap hands up and down in front)
There's a cave!
Can't go over it
Can't go under it.
Guess I'll go in it

It's dark and spooky in here (shake)
It's cold in here! (wrap arms around self and shiver)
I feel some scales (pretend to rub something)
I feel some big teeth! (pretend to touch something)
OH! It's a Dinosaur! (scream)Run out of the cave (slap thighs)
Go through the grass
Swim across the river
Climb the mountain
Run home (slap thighs)
Open the door
Jump into bed (cover head with arms as if hiding under a blanket)I went on a dinosaur hunt
And I wasn't afraid!


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Ask a two-year-old to choose a favorite book to read with you and then let them help turn the pages and point to some of the pictures while you read the words.

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