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August is National Peach Month: Folktales of Delicious Peaches

Peach Blossoms
by Winslow Homer, 1878

August is National Peach Month! It’s been a while since I’ve had time to research and post a blog but I couldn’t let this delicious celebration go by without sharing some delectable tales to whet your appetite.

Fun Facts About Peaches

  • Peaches were mentioned as early as 79 A.D. in literature.
  • Peaches are at their peak from June to the end of August.
  • The World’s Largest Peach Cobbler is made every year in Georgia. The cobbler measures 11 feet by 5 feet.
  • This plant is closely related to almonds, cherries and plums.
  • The peach originated from China, but it can be found all around the world today. 
  • The peach was known as the ‘Persian Apple’ because ancient Romans believed that the peach originated in Persia.
  • The peach symbolizes immortality and unity in Chinese culture.
  • “You’re a real peach: originated from the tradition of giving a peach to the friend you like.


Fadhila’s Secret - Kenya

The Peach Boy - Japan

Peach Darling – Japan

The Silent Cavalier – The Story of the Peach Tree - Azores

The Two Jugglers - China

The Monkey Spirit - China

The Queen Mother of the West -China

How Three Heroes Came By Their Deaths Because of Two Peaches - China


Activity Village Giant Peach Craft


Country Living

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