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Folding Cranes - Finding Peace

Statue of Sadako Sasaki in Seattle Peace Park
Photo by Scott Butber

Essay by Steve Goodier
Shared with his permission"

In the midst of a world at war, Eleanor Roosevelt captured the mood at Christmas 1942. "How completely the character of Christmas has changed this year," she wrote in her newspaper column. "I could no more say to you a 'Merry Christmas' without feeling a catch in my throat than I could fly to the moon!"

In September 1945, U. S. Navy chief radioman Walter G. Germann wrote his son from a ship anchored in Tokyo Bay to tell him that the formal surrender of Japan would soon be signed. "When you get a little older you may think war to be a great adventure -- take it from me, it's the most horrible thing ever done.I'll be home this Christmas..."  Home. To a world at peace.

In 1955 a thirteen-year-old Japanese girl died of "the atom bomb disease" -- radiation-induced leukemia. Sadako Sasaki was one of many who suffered the after-effects of those bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Japanese myth has it that cranes live for a thousand years, and anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes will have a wish granted. So during her illness, Sadako folded paper cranes, and with each crane she wished that she would recover from her illness. She managed 644 cranes before she left this life behind. Sadako's classmates folded the remaining 356 cranes so that she could be buried with a thousand paper cranes. Friends collected money from children all over Japan to erect a monument to Sadako in Hiroshima's Peace Park. The inscription reads:

This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace on earth. Each year people place paper cranes at the base of the statue to recall the tragedy of war and to celebrate humanity's undying hope for peace. In some places around the world, people fold paper cranes each holiday season to use as decorations and as a symbol of their deep desire for lasting peace.

I, too, have a deep desire for a day when war will become a relic of the past. I yearn for a day when we join hearts in union with one another, while beating swords into plowshares and folding paper into cranes.

Peace on earth. The generation to accomplish it will truly be the greatest generation ever."

~ Steve Goodier

Some websites to help you continue your journey...

The Story of the Peace Crane
Three D Video on How to Fold a Peace Crane
Instructions: How to Fold a Peace Crane
New Songs for Peace - This UNESCO-endorsed "New Songs for Peace" project is intended to encourage people to think about peace, talk about peace, and write a new song that we will collect and self-publish in a book. These new songs will promote peace, cultural acceptance and understanding for those who work towards peace throughout the world. - Teaching Tolerance/Promoting Peace - Websites I have collected through the years.

With deep appreciation and thanks to all of our service men and women. May they all be home soon, home to a world of peace.

Karen Chace  2010 ©
This blog post was painstakingly researched and compiled by Karen Chace. Permission for private use is granted. Distribution, either electronically or on paper is prohibited without my expressed written permission. For permission please contact me at Of course, if you wish to link to my blog or newsletter via your website, blog, newsletter, Facebook page or Twitter please feel free to do so; I greatly appreciate your support and personal integrity.

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A Mischievious Medieval Romp: Come and Play at the Story Cafe!

Join us for the first Story Cafe of 2011!
New Age Gawain and the Green Knight
~ a mischievous Medieval romp

Featuring Storyteller Diane Edgecomb
Accompanied by Margot Chamberlain on Celtic harp
January 22, 2011

The stakes are high for Arthur’s men’s group. First a bungee-jumping Green Man swings into their midst and delivers an ancient macho challenge. Then a mysterious rider gallops off with his head under his arm, taunting Gawain to follow. But the greatest fun comes when three outrageous female archetypes use all their wiles to assail Gawain’s new-age virtue. Welcome to New-Age Gawain and the Green Knight, Edgecomb’s hilarious send up of the men’s movement. Loosely based on the 14th century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Edgecomb’s comedic adaptation has New Age Arthurian knights running for their therapists faster than you can say "Litigation!"

Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain provides an evocative background of original and traditional tunes as we take this fun-loving journey along the ‘road less traveled by.’

Diane Edgecomb is one of the most versatile voices in the storytelling movement today, known for the seamless way her performances weave together story and music. Diane has received three Storytelling World Honors Awards as well as a Year’s Best Performance Award from the Boston Herald. Diane has enchanted audiences with her richly expressive voice and with the wonderful characters she has created for over twenty-five years. She is equally at home telling a tale of mythic drama, singing a haunting ballad or rapping out a comedic tale. But it is Diane’s ever-changing voice and movements enlivening her tales that brings to her storytelling art an originally entertaining and thoroughly captivating blend. 

Margot Chamberlain studied piano at the Oberlin Conservatory and early music with Marleen Montgomery.  She has performed at the Gardner Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Counterpoint Theatre and First Night Boston, as well as in many concert situations for both adults and children. She enjoys the wide range of expression, from earthy to ethereal, from mysterious to comedic, that the harp makes possible.

As a Duo: Diane and Margot combine rich story material with carefully orchestrated underscoring of original and traditional music. They have been featured on National Public Radio as well as at theaters, coffeehouses, colleges, museums, and nature centers throughout the United States.

“A storyteller in the grand tradition, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word.... an entire cast rolled into one.” Publisher’s Weekly

"National Public regulars Diane Edgecomb and Margot Chamberlain have elevated storytelling to mythic heights." The Worcester Phoenix

ADULT OPEN MIC: Sign up for your eight minute (maximum) turn at the mic beginning at 7:00 p.m. Share your own story, song, music, essay or poem.
TIME: 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. (Feature begins at 8:00 P.M.)
LOCATION: Artworks, 384 Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford, MA
ADMISSION: FREE (donation suggested: pass the hat for the featured performers)
AUDIENCE: 14 and older
INFORMATION: Email Karen Chace at  or call Artworks at (508) 984-1588.

THINGS TO DO AND SEE IN NEW BEDFORDCome early and take a stroll along the fishing docks or bring your bike, enjoy the ocean breeze and ride around beautiful Fort Taber . Prefer something easier? There is the interesting and historical Whaling Museum .

Later you can enjoy a "flight of wine" and fresh hot or cold tapas at Corks or award-winning chowder (chowda) at Freestones before the show or a night cap afterwards.

How about a trip to one of the best small zoo's in the country? The Buttonwood Park Zoo is an easy drive from downtown. New Bedford also has National Park status and there are many things to enjoy. Spend a day exploring and then relax in the beauty of ArtWorks listening to stories and song. I can't think of a better way to spend a crisp winter day!

Information on Portuguese restaurants in New Bedford.

Freestones - Affordable, casual dining and it is just around the corner from ArtWorks.


Elm Street Parking Garage and Custom House parking is within easy walking distance to ArtWorks.

Sponsored by Artworks! Partners for the Arts & Community
ArtWorks! is supported in part by the MCC as well as business and individual members

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Sail Away to the Land of Stories

A Castle was in Sight, Built Close
 by the Sea
by Thomas Mackenzie, 1920

"A folktale is the poetic text that carries some of its cultural contexts within it; it is also a traveling metaphor that finds a new meaning with every telling." ~ A.K. Ramanujan

Since 2008 I have offered the newlsetter Catch the Storybug, filled with story, craft, curriculum sites and more. If you are not a subscriber you may still access previous issues here
 and of course sign up for upcoming issues. There is always room for one more!

While the newsletter site offers a Google search bar to find specific links I have also compiled and categorized the story sites here for you. 
And if you need additional resources, please visit my Storytelling Links page on my website at . Whether for your storytelling performances, classrooms or libraries I hope you find something useful.


African Folktales - Folktales, have an important place in the history of Black Americans. Here are eight unique folktales from the Dark Continent. The home page offers an array of elementary resources as well.


Jamaican Anansi Stories - Tricksters are universal figures in folkore and Anansi is one of our most beloved. This site offers a wide variety of Anansi tales as well as trickster folklore from various cultures. The text also includes transcriptions of folk music, and a large collection of riddles, all cross-referenced with folklore studies from other cultures. There are also musical notations in some of the texts for the musical among us!



Speak Bird, Speak AgainPalestinian Arab Folktales by Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaana 


Armenian Fairy Tales - Sixteen interesting folktale.  

  • Australian Storytelling - January 26 is Australia Day and we can celebrate along with them with just a few clicks of the keys! Stories, articles, interviews, guild events, festivals and more.
  • Indigenous Australia - Explore Indigenous Australia. The site offers audio and video clips of stories through storytelling, cultures and histories, teacher resources and more.



Cambodian Folktales - Four folktales retold; the main site also offers information on the history, people and culture of Cambodia.

Princess Badoura - Edmund Dulac, 1913

  • Catch the Storybug - You can find the legend of the Chinese calendar along with additional information on the Chinese New Year at my 2008 blog post at  
  • Chinese Fable Stories -
  • Chinese Legends or The Porcelain Tower - There are many wonderful myths, folktales and legends from China in this 1848 book now in the public domain. You can even download a copy for free for your own files.
  • Chinese Moon Festival - I have put together some stories, crafts and more about this wonderful Mid-Autumn Chinese festival at my blog post for you to enjoy.



Earth Cakes, Sky Cakes - Folktale from Cambodia -

The Thrifty Tailor - A wonderful tale to share the idea and fun of recycling with your students.

When the Earth and Sky Were Married
- Folktale from India

Earth Care – World Folktales to Talk About - A limited preview of this excellent book by Margaret Read MacDonald. You can read some of the folktales online but I bet you will want a copy of your own.

Pitara for Kids - Many fables from the Panchatantra and Aesop, Jataka stories and tales from India's tribal people. -




The Princess Rosette - The French fairytale collected by Andrew Lang.

From The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang


    The Witch's Meeting by Arthur Rackham
  • Can Such Things Be? Short stories, published in 1910, from the talented Ambrose Bierce, courtesy of I am sure you will find some spine tingling tales to add to your storytelling repertoire.
  • Catch the Storybug - Stop by my website for an array of tales to fright and delight your audiences.  
  • Crabtree Books – Well, this book doesn’t fall into the category of terrifying but it is full of fun for Halloween, offering stories, rhymes, costume ideas, recipes and more. It is a free pdf file and downloads quickly.
  • Russian Folk-tales by William R. S. Ralston - Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve. Download this book from 1880, full of myths, legends, and folktales of demons, witches, vampires and ghouls if you dare! 
  • - Halloween Bare Bones for Storytellers with 100 years of story skeletons from around the world!  
  • Victorian Ghost Stories -Twenty-two ghost stories from such spectral luminaries as Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens.



The Fish Market
Patrick Street, Dublin by

Walter Osborne, 1894

KWANZAA - Some folktales that highlight the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

Lancelot Bears Off Guenevere 
The Book of Romance, Andrew Lang, 1902


Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn Mac Cool)

4 TO 40
- The name of this interesting site is based on their goal to cover age groups from 4 to 40. Offering folktales and stories from around the world, including Jakarta, Estonian and Ukrainian folktales, as well as the Panchatantra and more, I would say this site is ageless!

Aesop's Fables Online - Thousands of Aesop’s Fables in five languages from the likes of Joseph Jacobs and William Caton, among others. You won’t have to cry wolf to find what you need!

The Baldwin Project - The Baldwin Project is a virtual page turner, a comprehensive collection of literature in the public domain.  
    • Edgar Allan Poe - October 11 is the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. This site offers his short stories, poems, quotes, biography and additional links.  
    • Fairy Tales From All Nations - July 14 is Bastille Day in France so I went in search of a French folktale to share with you. I found this free, public domain book on Google books, which contains the French tale, Prince Chaffinch and so much more.  
    • Fairy Tale Plays and How to Act Them - From 1910, a wonderful book you can download for your own use. While some of the language is antiquated it can be easily updated. The book also offers suggestions on costumes, props and scenery. 
    • Folk Tales Every Child Should Know -Twenty tales that have survived the centuries; some well-known, others will be a treat to your storytelling senses. “The stories made by the people, and told before evening fires, or in public places and at the gates of inns in the Orient, belong to the ages when books were few and knowledge limited, or to people whose fancy was not hampered by familiarity with or care for facts…”
    • The Golden Rod Fairy Book - Stories from England, France, Poland, Bohemia, Russia, India, China, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and Spain are contained between these cyber covers. 
    The Sea-lady allures Maurice into the Sea
    The Lilac Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, 1910
H-NILAS: Stories for the Seasons - An excellent array of seasonal stories. From forest to frogs, moons to maidens, storyteller Cathy Mosley offers us her folktale adaptations from around the world.

Holiday and Winter Tales - Warm up your winter with folktales of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and other stories of the season.

Myths and Ancient Stories
- From China to France,
Lapland to Peru and beyond, tales featuring the fun and fanciful fox!
  • Myths From Around the World - Explore myths from distant countries from India, Egypt, Japan, and more. 
  • The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci - Edited by John Paul Richter in 1880 this website offers da Vinci’s perceptions on a variety of topics. Click on the link “Humorous Writings” to discover fables on plants, animals and objects. All of these works are in the public domain.
  • Nursery Rhymes Online - Like Alice in Wonderland you can fall down this hole and find a world of wonder! Rhymes, riddles, proverbs, fairy tales, crafts, activities and more!  
  • Peace Corp World Wise Schools - From Africa to the Pacific Islands, stories collected by Peace Corp volunteers around the world.  
  • The Real Mother Goose - May 1 is Mother Goose Day! Here is the original 1916 edition, now available online.
  • Story Lovers World - Storyteller Jackie Baldwin is host of this superb radio program, offering tales from tellers around the world. Listen via your own home computer. Turn up the volume and let your imagination take you away!
  • Tales of Laughter - A collection of familiar and not so familiar tales from Russia, Ireland, Spain, France and many more countries from around the globe. They are sure to have you smiling with delight!
  • – Interesting sight that offers the text of Aesop’s Fables combined with 1692 translations by Sir Roger L'Estrange. Also, the fables are organized by primary characters along with their specific morals.  
  • World Folklore Online - An index of stories listed by culture, country, book title and story page number. It will make story research a breeze!


  • Native Languages of the Americas: Wampanoag Indian Legends - Meet Moshup the Giant, read about Squant the Sea Monster and more. There are also additional links and resources to help you learn more about this Indian nation.   
  • The Circle of Life and the Clambake - A lovely story from the Wampanoag culture that encompasses the spirit of thanksgiving, the circle of life and caring for the earth.


Phikul Thong - A Philippine folktale for spring. It is a Cinderella variant, which is also another version of the French folktale, Toads and Diamonds.


The Sweetest Sound – A Story for Ramadan



  • Orkneyjar ~ The Heritage of the Orkney Islands - Pronounced "orc-nee-yahr", the name is generally taken to mean Seal Islands. This is a well crafted site. The information is astounding; tradition, folklore and more. Enjoy the beauty and history of the Orkney Islands.
  • Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales - A lovely collection of Scottish fairy and folk tales. Printed in 1901, the work is now in the public domain.
  • The Welsh Fairy Book - Eighty-four stories published in 1907 by Jenkyn Thomas, along with a page of pronunciation notes.

The Little Mermaid -
Fairy Tales and Fables by
 Hans Christian

  • The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen  
  • Sea, Lake Monsters - From lots of information on a variety of serpents and monsters from around the globe. You will be seeing scales in no time at all!  
  • Mermaids on the Web - Listen to their call; this site offers you more than 1,720 resources about mermaids, selkies and sirens. 

    The Firebird by Edmund Dulac
  • Cossack Fairy Tales and Folktales by Robert Nisbet Bain, 1902 – Bain collected these folktales from Ruthenian, the language of the Cossacks, a language intermediate between Russian and Polish.
  • Myths and Folk-Tales of the Russians, ‘Western Slavs, and Magyars by Jermiah Curtin 1903

    Russian Folk-tales by William Ralston Shedden Ralston - Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve. Download this book from 1880, full of myths, legends, and folktales of demons, witches, vampires and ghouls if you dare!
  • Russian Sunbirds -While this site is home to Russian lacquer art, it also offers a stunning array of Russian folktales, fairytales, songs, literature and poetry.
  • Russian Wonder Tales by Post Wheeler, 1921
  • Sixty Folktales from Slavonic Sources - A delightful mix of tales from Bohemia, Moravia, Serbia, Hungary and more.  
  • - Jackie Baldwin shares a compilation of books, resources and stories on winter and the winter solstice.
  • The Twelve Month Brothers - Ukrainian folktale to complement the lesson plan in the Curriculum Connections section.



  • Nasreddin Hodja - Information and stories about the beloved character of Turkish tales, including reading comprehension exercises. This website is also a portal to many other Hodja sites.
  • Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales - Be whisked away to the magical land of Turkey, courtesy of the amazing Sacred-Texts site.


  • The Baker's Dozen - A charming folktale of generosity that harkens back to a story published in 1836 and perhaps further, retold by storyteller and author Aaron Shepherd. 
  • Folklore and Legends: Scandinavian - Translated by C.J.T. circa 1890. Download this public domain book for free. 
  • Beneath the Snow Encumbered Branches
    by Joseph Farquharson, 1901
  • Holiday and Winter Tales - Warm up your winter with folktales of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and other stories of the season.
  • The Heroes of Asgard: tales from Scandinavian Mythology by A & E Keary 1900
  • Myths and Folk-Tales of the Russians, ‘Western Slavs, and Magyars by Jermiah Curtin 1903
  • Russian Wonder Tales by Post Wheeler, 1921
  • The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson
  • - Jackie Baldwin shares a compilation of books, resources and stories on winter and the winter solstice.

  • American Folklore - Celebrate America’s birthday and take an armchair journey with folktales, myths, legends, Tall Tales and ghost stories from the 50 United States. Tales are clearly indexed so you won’t even need to ask for directions. 
  • Legends of America - Straddle your saddle and get ready for a rollicking ride across the wide open spaces of the American West. Here are just a few of the topics covered:
Heritage of the American West
Legends, Myths and Folktales of the American West
Native American Legends
Outlaw Legends
Women of the American West
Treasure Tales
“This is a site for the nostalgic and historic minded” with everything you need to know about the people who lived in the towns and on the plains in a time gone by.
  • Davy Crockett and the Frozen Dawn -
  • Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu - From 1915 and Sacred Texts 25 legends from beautiful Hawaii.
  • Louisiana Folk-tales - A downloadable book of public domain folktales by Alcée Fortier shared in both French Dialect and English Translation.
  • Paul Bunyan: American Folklore - Read the story of Paul Bunyan’s birth, watch him dig Lake Michigan and follow him down to the Whistling River. Six stories that will make him step right off of the page!
  • Traditions of O’ahu - In honor of our President-Elect, I offer you stories of the island's ancient history and ancestors. The site also offers an extensive bibliography.  
  • Women in American Folklore - Heroines, strong women, witches, ghosts and curious girls are ready to welcome you.  


The Tree Angel a Vietnam Legend - A lovely story for Arbor Day about how the banana tree was created.

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Crayons, Crafts and Coloring Oh My!

"Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up."
                                       ~ Pablo Picasso

If you subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter you know that along with the stories, curriculum, etc., I also highlight various craft and activities links. While there is a google search tool on the newsletter site I have categorized and compiled them here as another way for you to access them easily.

So get out the paper, paint, crayons and glue and help your students make something beautiful!


Airplane Coloring Page -
High Flying Airplane Bookmark -
10 Paper Airplanes – Ten easy to fold airplanes with video instructions.


Jungle Tiger Activities -
Tiger Mask to Cut and Color -
Aesop’s Fables coloring book pages. Bats, birds, fox, hare and more are just waiting to be brought to colorful life!
Dalmation Cookie Bank  
CD Dog -
Puppy Coloring Page -


Apple Activities & Crafts for Kids -
Autumn Tree Craft -
Paper Bag Trees -
Scarecrow Craft -
Word Jumble -
Fall Word Search -
Autumn Coloring Pages -
Build A Tree Leaf by Leaf -
Paper Bag Trees -

APRIL FOOLS - Strut your stuff on April Fool’s Day with this Jolly Jester’s Hat at and tons of Easter coloring pages to keep you coloring in or out of the lines!


Back to School bookmarks your students can print out and color -
September Bulletin Board Project - Welcome your students back to school in style!
Teacher’s Survival Kit – School is in session and the teachers in your child’s life will love you for thinking of them. Put together this easy and charming “survival kit” and add a smile to their year!
KinderArt - A Bulletin Board of Spring Flowers - Ages K - 6
Bug Jars - Children will learn to look at the details of bugs and plants as they learn about symmetry and asymmetry. This is a craft and lesson plan all in one!
How to Plan a Scarecrow Storytime -
KinderArt - A Bulletin Board of Spring Flowers - Ages K - 6


O la la…some crafts to help you celebrate. Build an Eiffel Tower  
or Arc de Triomphe


Happy Feather’s Day -
Easy Bird Feeder -
Paper Bag Crow Puppet -
Bug Jars - Children will learn to look at the details of bugs and plants as they learn about symmetry and asymmetry. This is a craft and lesson plan all in one!

lack History Month Activities -
Diversity Banner -


Arthur Character Bookmark -
Bookworm Bookmark
Beaded Bookmark for the older students -
Curious George -
Scarecrow “If I Only Had A Book” -
Back to School bookmarks -


Chinese Moon Festival Coloring Pages – From the Moon Goddess to moon cakes, many choices to choose from.
Follow up with a lesson plan and activity on painting watercolor Chinese Dragons.  


Origami Star -
Christmas Tree -
Christmas Coloring Pages -
Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet
Paper Plate Poinsettia -
Christmas Crafts and Printables -
Gingerbread Man Ornaments - Preschool  
Holiday Origami - Spice up your holiday stories with two easy to do origami folds; a star and a Christmas tree:
World of Christmas – This link will lead you to a wide variety of games to entertain the children through the holiday.

CINCO DE MAYO - Say “Ole!” with these crafts and activities to help you say celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Mexican Bird Craft -


Diwali Diya Mobile -
Diwali Door Hanging - Traditional embroidered door hanging to welcome visitors and hopefully the Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi.
Diwali Coloring Pages -


Cutlery Wind Chimes - The summer cookout season is over. Here’s a clever craft to recycle all of the leftover plastic utensils.
Brown Paper Kites - For grades K – 6.
Milk Carton Pen Pot - For grades 2 an up.
Puzzle Piece Picture Frame - For grades K– 2
Earth Day Crafts - Dig around; there are plenty of crafts here to help you celebrate.
Earth Day Litterbug - Using recycled items help your students make their Earth Day litterbug.
Ladybug Rocks - Of course, my favorite!


DLTK.COM - Lots of things to make that special man smile on Father’s Day: Crafts, poems, printables, recipes and songs!


Giant Tissue Paper Flowers – Decorate with this lovely flowers. No watering required.
Handprint Lilies – Cute and easy craft for ages 5+.
Flower Coloring Pages – A garden of choices.


Enchanted Learning - Crafts and Activities for Flag Day.
For some extra fun, a word search and maze to celebrate our country's anniversary:
Word Search: - Lots of fun Fourth of July crafts to make your holiday sparkle! - It was said that Betsy Ross could cut a five pointed star in one snip of the scissors. Learn how to make your own star the same way.


Activity Village - A wonderful page full of activities, printables and information on Grandparent’s Day, sure to put a smile on your face no matter what age!
Coloring pages and crafts for Grandparents Day -
Grandma or Grandpa Apron -


Halloween Crafts - Bats, and pumpkins and vampires oh my! Lots of fun, spooky crafts to make your Halloween craft time as easy as saying, trick or treat! - Lots of spooktacular ideas for Halloween fun; activities, recipes, games, costumes, crafts and more. - Ghosts in the Graveyard – Using recycled egg cartons you can create your own ghostly setting. Suitable for all ages.
How to Plan a Scarecrow Story Time -


Menorah -
Star of David -
Window Sparklers, Star of David and more.
Milk Carton Dreidel -  
Easy Cut and Fold Star of David -


Kwanzaa Crafts for Children - Kwanzaa Crafts -
Kwanzaa Coloring Pages-
More Kwanzaa Coloring Pages -
Kwanzaa Placement  


Pinata - “One piñata tradition says: You go around life with your eyes covered, trying to find the good things and working hard to get them.” The original, traditional shape of the piñata is the six pointed star although today countless forms are used.


Celebrate Fat Tuesday -
Mardi Gras Coloring Pages -  
Mardi Gras Masks -


Origami Peace Crane -
Peace Lantern -
Peace on Earth - 
Sea Serpent Games and Activities - Lots of creativity swimming around these pages!
Mermaid Paper Doll - Children can color her pretty with your own paints and crayons!
DLTK 'S Holiday Crafts - "Crafts to help you decorate, games to help you celebrate, worksheets to challenge your mind and songs to sing together!" - Creative, downloadable coloring pages to complement the stories of Grimm and Andersen. Also, interactive pages for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Enough activities to keep you coloring outside the lines until the New Year! 


Bath Salts for Mom
Flower Doorstop for Mom – Just in time for Mother’s Day! - Crafts and gifts to make for Mom including Mother's Day, May, Arts and Crafts Activities, Lessons, Coloring Pages, Ideas, Recipes and Treats.


Activity Village - Make your own carp kite or origami to celebrate Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day). There are many other crafts, activities and printables to make this Japanese national holiday shine!
Children of the World Necklace -
Egyptian Crafts– A great selection of Egyptian crafts for all ages.  
Hieroglyphics Bookmarks – Two choices, one with hieroglyphics and another with a maze on the back. Mazes have been in existence since ancient Egypt, when Amenembet III built a funerary temple consisting of 3000 chambers.  
Japanese Kokeshi Doll -
King Tut Mask – Definitely for older children but this would be a wonderful art project to complement an Egyptian unit.
Hawaiian Lei Flower Necklace -
New Zealand Koru Art - “The koru is the Maori name given to the new unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace. It is an integral symbol in Maori carving and tattoos.”
Origami Doll -
Peace Dove -
World Neighbors: Handprint Craft and Poem -


Children’s Activities for the Month of Ramadan -
Make a Ramandan Collage -

Leprechaun Crafts -
St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths
St. Patrick’s Day Word Jumble -
St. Patrick’s Day Word Search
St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages -
St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Printables -
St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages -


Frog Pouch Craft – Ages 3 and up
Frog Paper Bag Puppet – Ages 2 and up
Frog Paper Crafts – Ages 2 and up
Spring Crafts -  
Flowered Hat -
KinderArt - A Bulletin Board of Spring Flowers - Ages K - 6


Fables Theme: Preschool Activities and Crafts - “Visit a theme to find activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed related to Aesop's and other fables. You will find crafts, printable activities, and related resources.” 
Story Sack - ‘This is a fun way for parents and children to read stories together. Grandparents, teachers, childcare providers, babysitters and anyone else who spends time with children will also find these useful!”
Fairy Tale Crafts - From dragons, to princes, knights and wizards, lots of crafts to keep everyone busy.

SUMMER - Summer brings a bounty of fresh fruit so why not have some fruity fun!
DLTK Crafts – Lots of flavorful ice cream crafts to keep you cool through the summer months.
Danielle’s Place - A great site full of very creative, easy and inexpensive paper plate and paper cup crafts for kids.
Kids Summer Crafts and Summer Printables -  
Kinderart - Summer is tine to take the children to the zoo. Download some cute animal printables to keep your students and children roaring with delight long after the field trip!


Blessing Boxes -
Thanksgiving and Fall Crafts for Children -
Thanksgiving Coloring Pages -


Educational Valentine’s Day Crafts -
Valentine’s Day Word Search - - Valentine’s Day word searches, math puzzles, and more. - Lots of easy crafts to make your heart flutter for Valentine’s Day.


Veteran’s Day Activities - Coloring pages, crafts for kids, word searches and more.


Family - Tons of winter fun; crafts, games, activities, printables and more!
Kaboose - Winter clip art, games, activities and crafts to help warm your spirit.
Kinderart - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…Decorate your classroom or library with an array of beautiful paper cut creations.
Penguin Fun! Coloring pages, mazes, worksheets, songs, riddles and more!
Polish Gwiazdy – Beautiful paper cuttings that look like snowflakes but they have eight sides not six.