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Stories of Sensational Soups!

William-Adolph Bouguereau

"Let Omar sing of wine and bread,
But I prefer fine soup instead."
Arab poet, replying to Omar Khayyam

January is National Soup Month and who doesn’t love soup! Soup is as old as cooking, dating back to 20,000 BC. I grew up in the city of New Bedford, which has a rich, cultural food history thanks to the thousands of Portuguese families who immigrated here centuries ago to work in the whaling industry. They brought their amazing recipes with them, including kale soup, which is now a staple in many homes. You will see Kale Soup, on most restaurant menus, as well as New England Clam Chowder or seafood chowder (a rich, creamy soup). In the summer there are even chowder festivals around New England.

“Every culture had its version of soup. From the French Onion to the Russian Borscht, Spanish Gazpacho, New England Chowder, Chinese Won Ton, Campbell’s tomato, Japanese miso, and Italian Minestrone, every soup had its unique flavour regarding its place of origin.

Just like the story of  Stone Soup I have added together some folktales about soup, a dash of activities and crafts, seasoned with some activities, and a few extra items to spice it up! Enjoy!

The above information was gathered from: (This site is now defunct as of November, 2023)


All-Kinds-Of-Fur – Germany

Chicken Soup – Russia

Crossing the Bridge Noodles - China

The Emperor and the Cook: The Story of Bird’s Nest Soup - China

The Guest - Inuit

Hot Soup, Cold Hands - Turkey

The Legend of Issun-boshi – Japan

The Old Man and His Grandson – Germany

Sliced Sickle Soup – Mongolia

Soup from a Sausage Skewer – Hans Christian Andersen

Soup of the Soup – Sufi

The Stolen Soup Aroma – West Africa

The Story of Salt – China

Stone Soup – European (There are many variants from Russia, Sweden, Belgium, England, and France.)


10 Story Books for Kids About Soup

Best Kids’ Books About Soup


20 Recycled Tin Can Crafts

20 Water Sensory Soup Ideas for Kids – Lots of activities here connected to the story Stone Soup, coloring pages, puzzles, word ladders, crafts and more.

Fairy Soup – Backyard Sensory Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Agriculture in the Classroom – Lesson plan based on the picture book Who Grew My Soup for grades K – 2. If you don’t have the book, not to worry, there is a link to a read aloud video.

Learning to Give – Lesson plan based on the folktale, Stone Soup.

Making Stone Soup


30 Best Soup Recipes


Children’s Board Game from Peaceable Kingdom: Stone Soup

History of the Stone Soup Folktales from 1720 to Now



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