Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Celebrating the Country of Turkey

Women at the Harem
19th century
By John Fredrick Lewis
“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  - Joseph Fort Newton

I have been researching and writing for Storytelling Magazine for 15 years and have amassed a large number of stories from many cultures. I thought I would take on a new project and organize the stories by country.

My hope is that this will make it easier for you to find new and unique tales to add to your repertoire, and in the process we will learn more about our global neighbors. I would be most grateful if you would leave a comment to let me know if you find this useful. Let the fun begin with the country of Turkey!


The Brother and Sister – Turkey

Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales by Ignácz Kúnos, 1913 - Be whisked away to the magical land of Turkey and meet the Wizard and His Pupil, Prince Ahmed, The Silent Princess and other fascinating creatures. The text also offers the English definition of the Turkish words used in the text.

The Laughing Apple and the Weeping Apple 

The Man Who Was a Liar

Nasreddin Hodja - Information and stories about the beloved character of Turkish tales, including reading comprehension exercises. This website is also a portal to many other Hodja sites.

Patience-Stone and Patience-Knife

The Rose Beauty 

Sister and Brother

Turkish Fables – Forty-six stories waiting to be told.

Turkish Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Fables


Traditional Turkish Folktales for Children by Ahmet Edip Uysal



Turkish Cultural Foundation
“Teaching about Turkey in the classroom can be an enriching experience for teachers and students alike. However, Turkey related lesson plans are not numerous and even more difficult to locate.  TCF offers teachers a compilation of lesson plans developed by American educators… on a number of subjects for middle and high school students… cover a variety of subjects and grade levels from elementary through high school. Lesson plans can be searched according to keywords, grade levels and authors.”


60 Interesting Facts About Turkey

Turkey Facts for Kids

Country Guides: A Look at Turkish Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette

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