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Stor e Telling: January, February, March 2014: Spiritual Stories

Stealers of Light
Edmund Dulac, 1916

Since we said good-bye to 2014 a number of months ago I decided it was time to begin sharing my Stor e Telling columns from the National Storytelling Magazine. The resources below are from the January/February/March 2014 issue. All of the links have been checked and updated where necessary. I hope you find something useful to add to your repertoire either now or in the future.

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The theme for this issue was Spiritual Stories so I begin with these tales.

Buddhist Tales for Young and Old
Fifty-Five stories, many of which indicate the character trait symbolized in the story.

Spiritual Stories.com – A variety of stories, Buddhist, Zen, Sufi, Jewish, Christian and Nasrudin are here.

Zen Stories -
Over fifty stories in the Zen tradition. "This web site is a collection of stories from the Orient, mostly Zen and Taoist tales. Think of these tales as conversation pieces, as handy tools that you can lift out of your pocket to help you and others talk, think, and laugh about the wondrous and mysterious details of this thing we call life."

January 29, 2014 is National Puzzle Day; I offer some riddle stories to keep them guessing.

A Bride for Khan Turali – Azerbaijan

The Clever Wife – China

The Enchanted Princess – Russia

Outwitting the Chimp – Congo

The Pumpkin in the Jar – Philippines

The Riddle – Grimm

The Riddle – Romania

Looking for some riddles to share between your tales? Here are some riddles, and most importantly, the answers!

DLTK – Riddles for Kids

February 26 is Tell a Fairy Tale Day.  Give them a try and their magic will sweep you away!

A Book of Fairy Tales from Many Places

Andrew Lang’s Colored Fairy Tale Books – They’re all here from blue to violet!

The Golden MaidenA public domain book from 1898 filled with Armenian folktales and fairytales. 

Fairy Tales by Howard Pyle, 1903.

Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights by E. Dixon, 1893.

Fairy Tales from Many Lands by Katharine Pyle, 1911. The Evil One Who Married Three Sisters, The Seven Golden Pea Hens and other unique stories are found within. 

Japanese Fairy Tales by Teresa Peirce Williston, 1911

Japanese Folk Stories and Fairy Tales - Thirty-three folktales collected by Mary F. Nixon-Roulet and published in 1908. 

And to add to the fun, a book from 1910, Fairy Tale Plays and How to Act Them. While some of the language is antiquated it can be easily updated. The book also offers suggestions on costumes, props and scenery.

We celebrate the Chinese New Year on January 31, 2014. This year, according to the Chinese Zodiac, is the Year of the Horse, a symbol of travel and success!

The Dun Horse – Russia

The Enchanted Horse – Persia

The Flaming Horse: The Story of a Country Where the Sun Never Shines -Czechoslovak Folktale

The Horse’s Revenge

The Magic Horse – Iran

The Magician’s Horse – Greece

Horse Cursed by the Sun – South Africa

White Horse – Native American

Below are blog posts filled with stories, curriculum, crafts and more to welcome the windy month of March.

The Wayward Wind: Folktales for March

May the Road Rise Up To Meet You

Sláinte mhaith! (Good health)

Women’s History Month: Women in “Her”story

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