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Stor e Telling: October November December 2014: Storytelling and Play

Ring Around the Rosie
Edward Henry Potthast
The theme for this issue of the National Storytelling Networks Storytelling Magazine was storytelling and play; I shared some sites to bring storytelling, learning and fun into the classroom every year. There is information on writing prompts, lesson plans for Aesop, Animal Tales, Trickster Tales, and American Folklore and more.

If you are seeking information on how storytelling connects with the Common Core, YES (Youth, Education and Storytellers) has you covered with a comprehensive, downloadable document full of information to make your case!

And because play is important in the classroom to spice up the day, there are icebreakers and games to energize your students, and you!

ABC Teach - A number of ideas and links for story writing prompts on a variety of subjects and age levels.

Aesop and Ananse: Animal Fables and Trickster Tales – These lesson plans students will help students “become familiar with fables and trickster tales from different cultural traditions…”
Education - Lesson plans on Ten Characters from American Folklore, Pecos Bill, Daniel Boone, Johnny Appleseed, and more. 

Exploring World Cultures Through Folk Tales Students will gain an appreciation of other cultures as they read and research folktales from around the world and present their story and research to the class.

Fables and Trickster Tales From Around the World Lesson plans, information and stories, everything you need to introduce your students to those globe-trotting tricksters, Anansi, Brer Rabbit, Fox, and Rabbit.
Myth Writing Workshop - Author Jane Yolen will help your student write a story that will explain a natural phenomenon using writing strategies and warm-up activities.

Once Upon a Time - Lessons for Teaching About Fables, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Legends, Myths, Tall Tales.   

Storytelling and Drama Carol Read shares how to “incorporate story-based lessons and drama activities into the English-language classroom.

Storytelling and the Common Core Standards – This document, offered by the National Storytelling YES (Youth, Education and Storytellers) Alliance, will be invaluable to any storyteller who works with teachers and the Core Curriculum.

Storytelling in the First Three Years Important article from The National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families.  In part it states, “The richer the repertoire of story telling styles a child is exposed to, the more possibilities for that child to develop his or her own powerful narrative voice…” There are additional resources on literacy, play, brain development and more.

Storytelling, Story Acting and Literacy in the Boston Public SchoolsFascinating interview about the program, Boston Listens, based on Vivian Paley’s innovative storytelling and story-acting approach.”

Icebreakers and Games

Drama Source – This UK site was created for drama teachers but there are games, strategies and lesson plans that will be helpful to storytellers as well.

Education Fourteen icebreakers to make the first day of school run smooth as silk. They would be fun to use throughout the year as well. 

Kim’s Korner Icebreakers and energizers to liven up the classroom!

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