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Stor e Telling Spring 2018: Storytelling World

The Water of Life
by the Brothers Grimm
Illustrator Arthur Rackham, 1916

The New Year is here and that means it’s time to begin sharing my 2018 columns from the National Storytelling Magazine. This information below appeared in the Spring 2018 issue; the theme was ‘Storytelling World.’

I do not post these resources until the year, in which they appeared, has past. Should you wish to receive the new 2019 resources in a timely manner it’s as simple as becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network. The publication offers outstanding articles from well-known storytellers and educators from around the world on a wide variety of topics, and of course, stories. If you would like to become a member please visit .

At the end of the blog you will also find links to all of my columns from 2007 – 2017. At the time they were posted all of the links were active. If you find a dead link please let me know and I will do my best to find the updated source.

I hope you find something useful to add to your storytelling repertoire or classroom activities. As always, I welcome your comments at the end of the blog.

Stor e Telling: Spring 2018

Below are seven resources filled with public domain folktales from around the globe to complement this issue’s Storytelling World theme.

Clever Stories from Many Nations by John Saxe, 1865. Interesting adaptation of stories, all told in rhyme.

Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Children - Ten Dutch tales from 1918. Find out why The Stork Loves Holland, visit with the The Princess With Twenty Petty Coats and more.

Folk Tales of Breffny by Bampton Hunt, 1912; The Voice at the Door, The Basket of Eggs, and many more tales await to enchant and delight.

The Folktales of the Magyars translated by Jones and Kroph, 1886. The Speaking Grapes, The Smiling Apple and the Tinkling Apricot are just some of many interesting tales from the people of Hungary.

Georgian Folktales -A short collection of folktales from the nation of Georgia by Marjory Wardrop, offered by Sacred Texts. Lose yourself in these stories collected in 1894: The Two Brothers, The Shepherd’s Judge, The King and the Sage and more.

South-African Folk-Tales by James A. Honey, M.D. 1910. “This is a collection of South African folklore collected during the 19th century. It includes many great animal tales with classic African wisdom.”

Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend by Donald Alexander Mackenzie, 1917. Fairies, friends and foes fill this volume of stories from mythical Scotland.

In Turkmenistan April 1 is a national holiday known as A Drop of Water Is a Grain of Gold. Water is very precious in their dry, desert climate; it really is worth its weight in gold.  I offer you some stories about this priceless resource.

The Dance for Water – South Africa
The Drop of Water -Danish

The Hare and the Water – Tanzania

How Water Lilies Came to Be – Wales
This site leads to an educational packet with lessons plan connected to this story. You will find the story within the lesson plan.

The Water Ghost - China

When the Waters Were Changes - Sufi (Lots of stories at this link. You will need to scroll down to find this story.)

Why the Sea is Salty – Philippines 

Why the Fish has Scales

Why the Sun and Moon Live Up in the Sky – Africa

May 14 is Dance Like a Chicken Day. Below are some stories to get you up on your feet !

The Chicken at the Well - Africa

The Hawk and the Hen – Philippines

Lion, Chameleon and Chicken - Tanzania

The Story of Chicken and Elephant – Sudan
Why a Hawk Kills Chickens – Nigeria

Below are links to all of the Stor e Telling columns from 2007-2017, each with a short synopsis to help you efficiently find what you are seeking. 


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