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School Daze, School Daze

Storybook Girl, Edmund Dulac
It is almost time for school to begin here in Massachusetts and some schools around the country are already in session. Through the years I have researched and compiled curriculum connections to complement a variety of  topics and themes in my blog posts and have compiled all of them  here. I hope this makes it easier for you to find some lesson plans to use in your work.

May the coming school year bring you joy, satisfaction and the knowledge that you are appreciated!

"The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind."
                                      ~ Kahlil Gibran


From the Mango Tree and Other Folktales from Nepal - Classroom Guide

How Many Leaves - A Book for Early Readers

Indiana Department of Natural Resources - Arbor Day


An Education Resource
from the North Carolina Museum of Art - Grades 6-8 


  • A Guide for Educators – Bullying, It’s Not Just Child’s Play from the University of Pennsylvania. Although this information was compiled and published in 2002 there is still useful information for educators and administrators.
  • Anti-Bias Lesson Plans and Resources for K-12 Educators: Words That Heal – Using Children’s Literature to Address Bullying - A good place to start if you are planning a program or lesson on anti-bullying. The site offers discussion guides, extension plans statistics and an annotated bibliography of children’s fiction. 
  • Children’s Literature to Address Bullying - A good place to start if you are planning a program or lesson on anti-bullying. The site offers discussion guides, extension plans statistics and an annotated bibliography of children’s fiction. 
  • COPS – Center for Problem-Oriented Policing by Rana Sampson – Bullying in Schools
  • – From our friend in Canada, a useful website with related resources. 
  • Education Guardian – A number resources that specifically address bullying in the United Kingdom.
  • Education World - Many sites, activities, lessons plans and resources to use in the classroom and community to help eradicate bullying.
  • International Bullying Preventions AssociationResearch, newsletter, conference information and more.
  • Seeds of Peace - "A non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to preparing teenagers from areas of conflict with the leadership skills required to promote coexistence and peace. Their outreach program also includes a Conflict Resolution CD Rom which is used in both Israeli and Palestinian schools. They also publish The Olive Branch, an online magazine to further their work in the world.”
  • Stop Bullying Now - This site is full of resources to help address the problem of bullying. There are specific areas for teachers, administration, communities, parents and other professionals. There are also games and webisodes for children to help them deal with the issue of bullying. Use this link to access the main page.
  • Stop Bullying.govInformation for parents, teens, educators on intervention, monitoring and prevention. 
  • – Jackie Baldwin offers a collection of stories, books, and more to assist you in presenting an anti-bullying program. 
  • Unlocking the Classroom: The Storytelling Project’s Anti-racism Curriculum - “…developed at Barnard and in NYC schools and includes over 30 lessons for high school students that include arts-based storytelling activities to discuss racism.”


China Word Search

Education World - Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit
Chinese Proverbs
Chinese New Year Printables and Worksheets 




Easy to Read Folktale Plays to Teach Conflict Resolution – Extension Activities to complement the story of The Grateful Statues.

Peace Corp World Wide Schools – Lessons plans to fit a variety of subjects from Grades 3 – 12.

Anti-Bias Lesson Plans and Resources for K-12 Educators A good place to start if you are planning a program or lesson on anti-bullying. Discussion guides, extension plans, statistics and an annotated bibliography of children’s fiction.
Race Bridges - The artists associated with this organization are accomplishing amazing work and offer free lesson plans and resources. Take a moment to cross the bridge and envision a brighter world!
Teaching Tolerance - Promoting Peace - This is a collection of resources I have gathered over the years.


The Barnegat Bay Watershed 
National Park Service Glacier Bay Crabs Lesson Plans 

Fntastic Adventures with Dragons, Gods and Giants – Grade 3

San Diego Zoo
- The Lifestyle of the Komodo Dragon
- For grades 4 – 6; facts, activities and more on this interesting and ancient creature


- This is a colorful, fun and information filled website on all things Earth: Lesson plans and activities for both teachers and parents, the history behind Earth Day, coloring pages, puzzles, clip art and so much more. 


The Talking Eggs Study Guide – This guide is connected to the book by Robert San Souci, an adaptation of the Creole folktale.

Egg Theme Unit Elementary Reading Lesson Plan - Integrated Reading and Elementary Science Activity – How Eggs Hatch

Egg Theme Unit – Elementary Science Lesson Plans


The Blind Man and the Elephant

The Elephant Sanctuary – Two units focusing on the study of elephants offering teaching and learning activities for children grades K-8 consisting of 72 pages of instruction, background information, charts and graphs, activities, etc.

– Story starters, elephant shapes and more for young children.

Shape Book from ABC Can Teach



Ontario Ministry of Natural ResourcesThis curriculum was designed to complement a 2011 art contest. Although the contest has now passed, the curriculum information is still very useful .  

The Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book – Children will have fun coloring while learning all about lives of these fish. 

What’s the Catch? Fish Contamination Educator Curriculum Guide – This is a pdf file "aligned with the CA Science and Social Science standards, National Science Standards, Ocean Literacy Principles and Education in the Environment Initiative Concepts for 4th-8th grades.”


A Frog’s Life – Lots of information to share with your audiences from the American Museum of Natural History.

Suite – Information on the mythology and folklore associated with frogs.

Tiddalik the Frog Folktale Reading Lesson Plan - Teach How to Compare and Contrast Setting, Character, Plot. -


Groundhog Day Activities! – Poetry, songs, art and more.
How Did the Groundhog Get a Day of His Own?   
Student Activity – Ground Hog Day Map 
Groundhog Day Crossword Puzzle

Groundhog Day Word Search
Natures Big Sleep by Gardner Soule – An article from Popular Science magazine on the science of hibernation.
Hinterland Who’s Who – Interesting fact sheet on woodchucks. 

Urashima Taro by Edmund Dulac, 1916

Japanese Folktales Lesson Plans for K-8  

Teacher’s Resource Guide: Japanese Art and Culture Outreach Kit - Although you may not be able to borrow the actual kit, there are many helpful curriculum ideas in this guide you may duplicate on your own.

Children’s Books on Japan K-8
Activity Village
– Make your own carp kite or
origami to celebrate Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day). There are many other crafts, activities and printables to make this Japanese national holiday shine!


Halloween Games for the Classroom - “A collection of fun and educational Halloween games that build math and language skills for grades K-5. With Halloween-themed versions of games like tag, musical chairs, and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” you’ll teach your student’s math and language skills while still enjoying the holiday. Your students will think they’re playing but will be learning at the same time!” * Requires subscription to access full information.

Lesson plans to complement the works of Edgar Allan Poe. 

For grades 9-12
For grades 6-12
Not Just Halloween: Festivals of the Dead From Around the World 

Learn how other cultures celebrate the holiday with this interesting article and complementing links on Japan, Mayan, Aztec, Mexico and more.


Education World – Grades 3-5
Keeping the Lights for Kids by Elinor De Wire
Learning From Lighthouses – A Webquest for intermediate grades.

Lighthouses of North Carolina – Math and social studies for grade 4.
Teacher’s Lighthouse Resources for grade K-4 – Offered by the United States Coast Guard
offers a rich history of lighthouses from past to present.


School of Forest Resources
– Lesson Plan for Kindergarten classes.

Maple Syrup Classroom Activities – Word search, coloring pages, crossword puzzle,
vocabulary and more.  

Vocabulary Sheet – Match the definition with each word.

Maple Syrup Lesson Plan – Grade 3 

Teach Children About Maple Sugaring


Wampanoag Culture and History Links – Geography, lifestyle and traditions, books and more.
Wampanoag Indian Fact Sheet for Kids 

Learning to Give – Native American Lesson Plan for grades 9 – 12 in Arts, Language Arts, Library Technology, Philanthropy and Social Studies. Includes numerous folktales to share.

All ‘Bout Cranberries - A comprehensive cranberry curriculum for grades K-8 covering many aspects of cranberry growing and takes the user on a journey from the Cranberry Bog to the Kitchen Table. It is designed to give students an appreciation of Massachusetts number one food crop through problem solving and thought provoing activities.

American Indian Leather Painting
For grades 5-6, students will create stories that resemble ol Indian leather paintings. Students will tell a story using only pictures and drawing them in sequence so others can read the story back.


New England Pirate Museum – Educational material from Elementary School to High School, including historical perspectives and poems and biographies for teachers.


St. Patrick’s Day Theme – For grades Pre-K to 1
Across the Curriculum – St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Mifflin County School District – This is like find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Wonderful links, including the history of Ireland, activities, stories and more.

Read, Write, Think – For grades 1 – 12.

Young Lady in a Conservatory
by Jane Marie Bowkett (1837-1891)

Leap into spring with ABC Counting games, math facts, printables, word searches and more.  

Cross-Curriculum Flower Activities - An Elementary Gardening Theme Unit 

Spring Theme Activities for Young Children

Early Childhood Sun Protection Curriculum

Flower Facts and Trivia
– Add some interesting trivia about flowers to your storytelling or classroom lesson plans.


The Pilgrims Voyage: A Map and the Mayflower - This project teaches geography and history. The student makes a map of the voyage and a tiny replica of the Mayflower. The First Thanksgiving - Visit web sites about the Pilgrims, the Wampanoag, and the famous harvest feast and learn new facts along the way. 
General Thanksgiving - Proclamation by President George Washington.
The National Day of Mourning - Not everyone has the same view of the national holiday of Thanksgiving. For a Native American view go to:

What Do You Eat? - A lesson unit on comparing how others eat in developing countries.


Aesop and Ananse – Animal Fables and Trickster Tales 

Fable and Trickster Tales From Around the World 

Trickster Tales Lesson Plan

Fables and Trickster Tales From Around the World – From Edusitement, lesson plans, information and stories, everything you need to introduce your students to those globe-trotting tricksters, Anansi, Brer Rabbit, Fox, and Rabbit. 


Teacher's Guide - More curriculum ideas than watermelons have seeds!


Energy Educators – Lesson plans about the wind for elementary, intermediate and secondary level classes.

Lesson Plans Directory - K-12

Traditional Stories About the Wind - Please note, this is a pdf file.


Science - "Flakes of Snow" crystals.

Snow Flake Crystals - See how amazing snowflakes really are with close up photographs that will amaze your students!
Bulletin Board - Add to your classroom with cooperative snowmen for the bulletin board.

Snowy Weather Resources Around - Here's a lesson on where snow comes from.

What do animals do in winter? Help your students find out! 


The Library of Congress: Women’s History Month - Features biographies, audio clips, images, classroom materials, and links to relevant collections and exhibits.

National Women’s History Project - An educational nonprofit organization founded in 1980. Their mission is to “recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs.” Search by category, state or discipline.

 Notable Women Ancestors - From adventurers to witches the site offers a brief synopsis for each woman with a link to additional biographical information.
ABC Teach - 

Footsteps to Success -
Library of Congress: Women's History Month Resources and Multimedia

Long Ago and Maybe Far Away 
Mother and Daughter Griots
National Education Association: Women of the Century 

Women's Words of Wisdom

© 2011 Karen Chace


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