Monday, September 19, 2011

Going to the Dogs! October Is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

All my life safe I have been blessed with the company of loving dogs. Every one was a mixed breed, or mutt, only one was pure breed, a cocker spaniel named Brandy. She was given to me to save her from an abusive master. They say people start to look like their dogs and from the start that was true as Brandy and I shared the same hair color.

Toby, the Amazing Rescue Dog!
Now, my dog Toby is the one who steals my heart. One day I will have to film him as he begins his morning stretching routine. I swear the dog knows yoga poses! He is inquisitive, loving, funny, smart and yes, he is a rescue dog. From the very moment he greeted us after he underwent a long drive through a winter ice storm from Minnesota to Massachusetts his tail has never stopped wagging!

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. and I hope you can open up your heart and home. The reward will be priceless! Here are some stories to celebrate the canines in our lives that really are part of our families.


The Dog and the Sparrow - Grimm
The Faithful Dog and the Serpent - Jewish

The Giant Dog - Eskimo

The Golden Beetle or Why Dog Hates Cat - China

Old Dog Learns New TricksFive folktales from various cultures around the globe.

The Old Dog – Ukraine

The Sheep, the Shepherd and the Dog - Fable

Spectre Dogs – England
The Three Dogs - Germany

The Tortoise, the Dog and the Farmer - Africa


21 Woof-tastic Kids’ Books About Dogs

Kid’s Wings – Dog books with units to guide literature circles.


11 Crafts for Dog Lovers   

CD Dog – Looking for a way to use your old CD’s? Your children and students will love this adorable craft.

– A litter of puppy crafts here to keep the young one’s busy for hours.

Free Printable Dog Coloring Pages for Kids


National 4-H National Dog Curriculum

National Teacher Training Institute: This Place Is Going to the Dogs – Grades 5-8


5 Mythical and Supernatural Dogs that will Chill Your Bones

9 Incredible Dogs from Mythology and Folklore

Animal Folklore of Ireland

British Folklore: Legends of the Black Dog

Dogs and Their Collars in Ancient Greece   

Dog Folklore: Companion Dogs as Seers, Healers, and Fairy Steeds – Looking for an adorable pet to love? This is the place.

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