Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grandparents - Adding Richess to Our Lives

Grandfather's Favourites
by Arthur John Elsley, 1861
Although I have written about Grandparent’s Day in the past it carries a special significance for me this year. First, it falls on September 9, my son Christopher’s birthday, and second, he and his beautiful wife Stephanie will grace me with my first grandchild in October.

My son has been blessed with the most amazing grandparents. They continue to add a richness and dimension to his life that could not have come from anyone else. Because of this close relationship he has grown into a young man who respects and appreciates his elders.

I have learned so much from watching them and I hope I will be the same positive influence in my grandchild's life as they have been in Christopher's. I am so excited to greet my own grandchild in a few months. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and tell him story after story.

Here are some new tales and activities to help you celebrate and honor the elder’s in our lives, both past and present.


How Master Rabbit Went Fishing - Micmac
Grandfather’s Eyes – Czechoslovakia
Old Grandpa Money Rock - Hmong

The Dragon and His Grandmother - German
The Merchant of Seri - Jakata

The Old Grandfather and His Grandson – Germany

The Three Golden Hairs of Grandfather Allknow - Slavic
Two Wolves – Cherokee Native American

BOOKS – A selection of bilingual books for children about grandparents.


A-Z Teacher Stuff – A number of lesson plans – Word Search, venn diagrams, coloring pages and more to use in the classroom or at home to celebrate the day.

National Grandparent’s Day – Lessons, printables, tree chart, and more.


Ato Z Teacher Stuff Adorable handprint activity.

Enchanted Learning – A number of fun, easy crafts.

Busy Bee Kids Crafts – Adorable, easy crafts for your children and students.


Two additional blog posts with resources for Grandparent’s Day and Collecting Oral Histories.

Celebrating Our Elders

Preserving Our Roots – Collecting Family History

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