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Stor e Telling Columns: 2007 to 2012 with Synopses

From the Fairy Book by
Dinah Craik
Illustration by Warwick Goble, 1913
In June I began adding all of my 2007 to 2012 Stor e Telling research columns from Storytelling Magazine to my blog. I have now finished individually posting all of the articles. However, I thought it might also be helpful to have all 31 blog posts, along with a brief synopsis for each one, in an easy to access post here.

So pour yourself a cup of tea, a mug of coffee, or a glass of wine, then sit back and dip your toes into the story stream!


January February – Stories to celebrate Arbor Day, Celtic and Cambodian folktales, clip art for the classroom, songs to get the “wiggles out” for the wee ones and more. .

March April – Buddhist tales, biographies, songs, resources for Women’s History Month and stories to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Make sure to stop by the SEED website where you will find stories about the ocean from around the world, complemented by curriculum connections to use in the classroom. 

May JuneCreations Myths, Tall Tales, French fairy tales from Perrault and Marie-Catherined´Aulnoy, Greek myths and more.

July August - In keeping with the Oral History theme of this issue I offered sites for the collecting oral histories, including curriculum guides. There is also an extensive anthology of 57 ghost stories collected by Ernest Rhys published in 1921, myths and legends from Peru, anti-bullying resources and songs to spice up your summer storytelling gigs!

September October - Resources for Grandparent's Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Anansi tales, public domain clipart to add spark to your marketing material and more.

November December - Story resources on Australia Day, Chinese New Year, Native American Heritage Month, Czechoslovak Fairy Tales, Basque folktales and more.

January February - Tales to celebrate Tell A Fairy Tell a Fairy Day,  lesson plans filled with  fairytales and folktales and fun  The Center for Studies in Oral Tradition at the University of Missouri has generously placed twenty-two years of their journal online. The site contains nearly 500 articles and 10,000 pages with the contents downloadable as pdf files and the classic Art of the Storyteller by Marie Shedlock.

March April - Business links, downloadable public domain books for St. Patrick's Day, resources for Women's History Month and more.

May June– Story resources to celebrate Mother Goose Day, American folklore for Paul Bunyan Day, a professional photo editing tool, Performers Insurance and Digital Storytelling Rubrics. Of course there are also folktales from around the world including Arab and Georgian tales and storytelling cue cards from Brian Strum.

Summer - Stories of the sun, digital storytelling resources, fairy tale writing unit for the classroom, Russian folktales and more.

Fall 2008 - We all remember the difficult turndown in the economy took in 2008 so I devoted the column to sites that would help with travel expenses. The links are all still relevant today, particularly with airline fees and gas prices that seem to continue marching higher and higher. I hope these sites help you trim your business and personal expenses a wee bit because we know that every cent helps!

January February -  This one brings you folktales from around the world including Mardi Gras, the Chinese New Year, love stories for Valentine's Day and of course some Celtic fun for the wearing of the green on St. Patrick's Day.

May June -. Stories of the sun, folktales for Cinco De Mayo, from Brazil, Italy, the Allied Nations and more. Also, sites to help you with your storytelling business.

July AugustHawaiian folktales, legends and myths, branding strategies and tips for your business and stories of mermaids, selkies and sirens.

September October - This issue’s them was storytelling and school residencies so here are some sites to complement the theme. Lesson plans and resources to help you bring “happily ever after” into the classroom and stories for Halloween to fright and delight!

November December - Resources on transformative storytelling, special interest groups, Veteran's Day, Aviation Month resources, and tales to warm your winter days and nights.


January February - The theme for that issue of Storytelling Magazine focused on the National Storytelling Network's Brimstone Awards so there are grant tutorial resources. Since it was the beginning of the New Year there are also useful articles on organizing your home office, story sites to celebrate the Year of the Tiger for the Chinese New Year, and resources for Black History Month and Women's History Month.

April May - Stories to celebrate National Frog Month, Tell a Story Day, trickster tales for April Fools and water stories from around the world. Have fun surfing!

July August - There are stories to celebrate Watermelon Day, fairytales from France to celebrate Bastille Day, nature tales and business resources on marketing and branding.

September October - Digital storytelling and oral history resources, stories to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival, animal tales. Also, Russian folktales, Halloween stories to keep in your trick or treat bag for next year, and a useful, interactive tool to help you time your stories.

November December  - You will find stories to celebrate Diwali, St. Lucia's Day, Christmas, animal tales, and resources on copyright, Stop the Violence Day, and origami.


January February - The theme for this issue was storytelling and music so there are sites filled with songs, ballads, rhymes and finger plays. There are also rabbit stories to complement the 2011 Chinese New Year, bird stories for National Bird Day and three public domain books filled with Irish folktales, fairy tales and legends.

April May - The theme for this issue was Storytelling World so you will find a number of online public domain books with fairytales and  folktales from Hungary, Persia, Japan, Mongolia and more. There are also stories to welcome spring and of course, tales of tricksters to honor the fools of April.

July August  - LGBT Themes in Chinese Mythology , creation stories and legends to celebrate summer, animal tales and stories and resources to complement National Lighthouse Day. 

September October - The theme of this issue was epic storytelling so you will find links to Gilgamesh, The Mahabharata and The Ramayana, along with a free, public domain books of the world's epics form 1913. In addition there are stories for Halloween, Norse stories to celebrate Leif Erickson Day, and more.

November December - There are stories from China, Japan and the Middle East. Also, educational resources from the Smithsonian Education archives and PBS on the Japanese Internment Camps and Native American Legends and Myths for Native American Heritage Month. 


January, February March - Resources for Women's History Month, dragon stories to complement the Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon 2012, stories to celebrate Polar Bear Day, tales for the wayward winds of March and more.

April May - This was the Storytelling World Issue so you will find a wide variety of public domain folktales, myths, legends and fairytales from around the world: Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Korea, Poland and more spanning back to 1882.

June July - Wonderful Celtic resources, myths, folktales, legends as well as three articles on Irish Literature. There are also stories for Father's Day, the religious celebration of Ramadan and folktales from Poland to celebrate Wianki. I hope you have fun exploring!

August September - Anti-bullying resources, folktales, fairytales, myths and legends from the countries of Japan, Scotland, Italy, Brazil and others. There are also curriculum connections to complement a variety of topics and themes. And last but not least, copyright resources.

October November December - Stories from Ethiopia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and a number of public domain books of folktales, myths, legends and fairytales from Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Italy . You will also find a wonderful site from the National Trust offering thousands of hours of Gaelic and Scots recordings. The project includes folklore, songs, music, history, poetry, traditions, stories and other information. And of course, there are a few other sites thrown in for good measure.

In addition, all of my Stor e Telling columns in Storytelling Magazine from 2002-2006 are listed on the Publication’s Page of my website. One caveat, I have not had the opportunity to recheck all of the links; that is a project for another day. You will find a point and click extravaganza of story research here: .

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