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Here's to Fairytales and Happily Ever After!

The Damsel Sat Behind Behind His Pillow
from Russian Fairy Tales
Illustrator: Noel L. Nisbet, 1915
Welcome 2015!

This is my first blog post as we make our way into the New Year. Since the most important wish on my list is that the coming year be filled with happiness for all, I thought it would be appropriate to share some fairytales.

The first half of this blog contains fun for the little ones, finger plays, etc., and the second half offers hundreds of public domain folktales to ensure that we live “Happily ever after!”

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Where Is The Royal Family? To the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?

Where is the King? Where is King?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you today, Sir?
Very well, I thank you.
Run away. Run away.

Where is the Queen? Where is the Queen?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you today, mame?
Very well, I thank you.
Run away. Run away.

Where is the Prince? Where is the Prince?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you today, Sir?
Very well, I thank you.
Run away. Run away.

Where is the Princess? Where is the Princess?
Here I am! Here I am!
Very well, I thank you.
Run away. Run away.

Where is the royal baby? Where is the royal baby?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you today baby?
Very well, I thank you.
Run away. Run away.

Five Little Dragons

Five little dragons with great big scales
One lost his balance and bumped his tail
He cried ouch and breathed some fire
And then flew away higher and higher
Repeat for remaining count 4, 3, 2, 1
From Storytime Magic

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full

One for my master
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.

The Jazzy Three Bears
In a wee little house in the forest lived the Three Bears.
One was the Papa Bear, one was the Mama Bear, one was the wee bear.
One day they were walking through the deep woods a’talkin
when along, along, along came a little girl with golden hair, and her name was Goldilocks, and upon the door she knocked, but no one was there;  no, no, no no one was there

So she walked right in had herself a ball,
no she didn’t care, no no no she didn’t care.
And when she got tired she went upstairs

Home, home, home came the Three Bears
“Someone’s been eating my porridge” said the Papa Bear, Humph!
“Someone’s been eating my porridge” said the Mama Bear.
“Hey baba re bear,” said the little Wee Bear, someone has broken my chair! Crash! (clap)

Up woke Goldilocks broke up the story and beat it out of there,
yeah she beat it out of there.

“Hey bye bye,” said the Papa Bear
“Hey bye, bye,” said the Momma Bear
“Hey baba re bear,” said the Little Wee Bear

 And that’s the story of the Three Little Bears
Na   na   na    na   na   na    na   na  na  na  Cha!


Here Is The…

Here is the prince with his feathered cap, (take off hat, bow)
Here are his boots which go tap, tap, tap. (tap toes)
Here is the princess with her golden crown, (put four fingers up over head)
Here is her lovely beaded gown. (curtsy)
Here is their castle tall and wide, (stretch arms up to the sky)
Where the prince and princess play safely inside. (jump up and down)

ADDITIONAL STORIES, SONGS AND CRAFTS – This page will lead you to a number of well-known fairytales with crafts to complement the stories, nursery rhymes and songs. Lots of fun to add to your programs!

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES                                 

Below are three blog posts I wrote containing public domain fairytales.

Celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day II

Wisdom, Wit and Wonder: Fabulous Fairy Tales

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