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Stor e Telling: Storytelling World Winter 2019

The New Year is upon us so it is time to start sharing my previous Stor e Telling columns from Storytelling Magazine. The theme for this issue was Storytelling World. Get ready for a glamorous trip around the globe through these fabulous public domain folktale collections, including stories to celebrate Learn About Butterflies Day and World Rat Day.

I hope you find something useful and fun to add to your storytelling or classroom.

Belgian Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis, 1919 - Step into this enchanted text filled with queens, ogres, pilgrims and faeries.
The Bird of Truth and other Fairy Tales by Fernan Caballero – Thirty-three fairy tales collected by Fernan Caballero, a pseudonym for the woman who collected the majority of stories from Andalusia in Southern Spain.

Fables for the Frivolous (With Apologies To La Fontaine)
One of the earliest works by the American parodist Guy Wetmore Carryl, this collection of fables are adapted from Jean de La Fontaine’s Aesop-style originals from more than 200 years earlier.”

Folk-tales of Angola – Fifty tales collected and edited by Heli Chatelain, 1894 with Ki-mbundu text, literal English translation introduction and notes; stories of antelope, wolf, turtle, leopard, monkey and much more.

Folktales From Many Lands - From 1910 a fascinating book of twenty-three folktales from around the world. Exquisite illustrations complement each tale.

Folktales of Kashmir by James Hinton Knowles,1888 – “Many of these tales are probably pure Kashmiri in origin, while others are undoubtedly variants of popular tales, current in India and other parts, which have been adapted and modified to suit the language, style of thought, and social usages of the country.”

March 14 is Learn About Butterflies Day. In some Irish folklore butterflies are 
referred to as ‘souls of the dead.’ Below you will find folktales from different 
cultures celebrating these beautiful insects.
Butterflies – Native American

The Butterfly Lovers - China

The Butterfly’s Wedding – Spain

The Princess and the Butterfly

The Wings of the Butterfly – South America

April 4 is World Rat Day. Adjectives used to describe them are clean, devoted,
intelligent and lovable so why not celebrate them with a few stories.
The Four Friends - India
How the Woman and the Rat Came to Stay in the Same House – South Sudan

The Husband of the Rat’s Daughter - Japan

Rat Hall - Celtic
The Rat Princess - Japan
Why the Cat Kills Rats - Nigeria


I thought it would be fun to share some different story openings and endings I find along the research road. Here is the first one for 2019.

"In the olden times, when there were sieves in straws and lies in everything, in the olden times when there was abundance, and men ate and drank the whole day and yet lay down hungry..."  
From The Three Orange-Peris

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