Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Than A Poem...

In my last post I mentioned that I spent time at the Gulu Gulu Cafe, listening and learning from some amazing artists. One of those artists is named David Gerard and he shared his brand new piece. I was so moved and impressed I requested permission to post it here on my blog and he generously agreed. David is not only a poet but a musician, composing since 1984, and photographer as well. If you would like to order his music go to .

My thanks to David for allowing me to to place this poem wants here for all of you to ponder upon.

this poem wants
by David Gerard © 2008

this poem wants
to invent a new language
that will express our desires
in a less destructive way
this poem wants
to sing your praises
at the top of its lungs
from the mezzanine of Grand Central Station
this poem wants
all the generals and majors everywhere
to come to the table
with an open mind and a softer heart
this poem wants
to heal the lepers of their wounds
and make the broken whole again
this poem wants
to scatter the ashes of great philosophers
into the aqueduct of our reservoirs
this poem wants to round up
all the tv anchormen and weathergirls
and remove their bronzing foundation
and artificial dispositions
this poem wants a moratorium
on commercials selling drugs, cosmetics, cars and sex
this poem wants
walt whitman to be required reading in all the classrooms of america
this poem wants to travel
around the world in a hot air balloon
releasing pamphlets from veterans for peace and greenpeace
this poem wants a national holiday
for harvey milk,
this poem wants to strap on a stratocaster
and wail the ‘what the hell happened to my country?’ blues
this poem wants the youth of america
to put down their iPods and cellphones long enough
to detect the jackboots of fascism
marching behind them
this poem wants a new religion
encompassing all religions into one universal, utilitarian deity
that is only love in action
this poem wants an end to the madness
masquerading as national security
this poem wants to let its hair down,
grow a shaman’s beard and swim naked
in the river of enlightenment
this poem wants to take your shackles and blinders off
and show you what it really means
to be free.


Connecting Stories said...

Thanks for this fun recap - and the poem! Seems you had quite a day it was fun to be up North with you and Tony. See you soon,

Karen Chace said...

Hi Nora,

Grand to see and hear you as well. I just remembered to link your site with your name on the blog. Hopefully, some more folks will find their way to hear you and your wonderful stories!