Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reach for the Stars!

The Summer Reading Program theme for the 2009 Massachusetts Library System is Spaceship Adventure. While putting my Reach for the Stars storytelling program together to complement the theme, I decided to rewrite a well-known story stretch.

If you are not familiar with the term it is a call and response chant, usually used about halfway through a storytelling program to get the children up, and the wiggles out!

Get everyone up on their feet and tell them they will repeat the words, and the actions, after you. Keep adding the actions, don't stop the previous ones until everyone looks pretty silly and is laughing. You are welcome to use it in your programs, please just give me attribution. Have fun!

My Aunt Came Back From the Milky Way

Karen Chace © 2009

My aunt came back from Milky Way and brought to me some drums to play. (Drum with the one hand.)

My aunt came back from Jupiter and brought to me some soup to stir. (Stir with the other hand.)

My aunt came back from Saturn’s rings and brought to me some bells to ring (Rock your body front to back as if you are a  ringing bell.)

My aunt came back from the planet Mars and brought to a real fast car! (Move side to side as if you were going around corners a bit too fast.)

My aunt came back from the hot bright Sun and brought to me some bubblegum. (Begin to chew in a VERY exaggerated and noisy manner.)

My aunt came back from the shining Moon and said to me this song is doomed! (Say this last line with silly gusto!)

Karen Chace 2009 ©
This blog post was researched and compiled by Karen Chace. Permission for private use is granted. Distribution, either electronically or on paper is prohibited without my expressed written permission. For permission please contact me at storybug@aol.com. Of course, if you wish to link to my blog via your website, blog, newsletter, Facebook page or Twitter please feel free to do so; I greatly appreciate your support and personal integrity.

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